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Believe It or Not by Tawna Fenske
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Feb 23, 2012

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bookshelves: contemporary-romance
Read in February, 2012

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This romantic comedy has a delightful romance but is too light on the funny.

When Violet McGinn's mother needs surgery, Violet flies across the country to help her out and is roped into temporarily taking over her mother's business.

Violet's mother is a psychic.

Violet is not.

Fortunately, her mother's clients seem to broadcast their fears and insecurities, and she can usually figure out how to use pop-psychology to help them out. Unfortunately, some of her advice has totally unintended consequences.

Right next door to Violet's mom's psychic studio is a bar that hosts male strippers on weekends. Bar owner Drew Watson doesn't believe in psychics, but he certainly believes Violet is hot and finds himself making random excuses to be around her.

I really liked the romance that developed between Drew and Violet. She's an uptight career woman - just like his ex-wife. He's a straight guy who owns a male strip bar - putting him in the category of "abnormal" that Violet has avoided since leaving her mother's house.

At times, their relationship provided the laughs I was expecting, like in this scene where they find themselves on a double date (each of them is dating someone else, not each other), and it soon becomes clear to Violet that Drew can't remember the name of the bimbo he's with. She drops something on the floor and the two of them duck beneath the table for a chat.

"You don't know your date's name?" she hissed in his ears.

Her hair tickled his nose, and Drew fought the urge to drag her down on the carpet and grope her under the table.

Classy, dude. Really classy.

"Help me out," he whispered back.


"I just need a clue."

"No kidding."

"Her name's been on the tip of my tongue all night, but I can't remember."

"Maybe you should be more selective in how you use the tip of your tongue."

But I often found the parts that were supposed to be funny just didn't make me laugh. Too often, the humor relies on obvious gags, shallow secondary characters, and pratfalls.

Plus, the conflict between Drew and Violet really wasn't strong enough to sustain my interest through the length of the book.

While the romance was lovely, the story and most of the characters were too shallow to engage me.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Heat: Hot

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