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Heaven and Hell by Kristen Ashley
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Pictures at the end!

Wow! I just loved this book! I knew it was a big KA favorite. But I was about 50% in and liking it, but I couldn't figure out why this was a stand out for so many people. By the end, I knew. I got it. Sam was this loyal, affectionate, sexy as hell, uber-alpha (a shelf I created specifically for KA), but he had demons and they were keeping him from true happiness. But God, I still loved him! Even when he was frustrating as hell! I was rooting for him. (view spoiler)

And Kia was the bomb. Just amazing. Someone that was so hurt and abused, trust broken over and over, yet she could open herself up to love. Everyone who met her loved her. I knew why, I loved her too! When she met Sam's supermodel friend and widow of his best friend, Luci, she wasn't jealous or possessive. She saw Luci for the inner beauty that was there. I just loved that. She had very reason to feel insecure given her background, but no she let her sweetness infect everyone she came in contact with. And can't forget Memphis! Kick ass little dog!

And Celeste and Thomas, OMG! I just adored them. There are times in life when you meet people and just click, and thier connection to Kia felt so real. Utterly believable. And Kristen Ashley again brings together all of these people of different cultural backgrounds, like real life! I thought Sam's mom was such and honest to goodness real life character, she was a take no prisoners, you-may-be-grown-but-your-still-my-baby-so-listen-up mom. Loved it!

I'm just sad that this is a standalone. What about Hap and Luci? I GOTTA KNOW!

Great job Kristen Ashley!, How does she make me feel so much and from such an honest place? It spoils you for other authors! Shit!

Sam. ( breathe)-


Kia (update)-
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Quotes Michele ~ la Smoocherina Liked

Kristen Ashley
“There are very few, very fuckin' few people, Kia, who get what's precious in this world. They work their asses off for pure shit and think they'd fight and die to keep it. You don't fight and die for shit. You fight and die for things that matter. You are the first woman I've met outside a life that leads you to understand that shit who gets that. And straight up, baby, you gotta know, I like that a fuckuva lot.”
Kristen Ashley, Heaven and Hell

Kristen Ashley
“Wherever you are, however you got there, if it's good, you're meant to be there either because you earned it or life led you there and you were smart enough to hold on.”
Kristen Ashley, Heaven and Hell

Kristen Ashley
Kristen Ashley, Heaven and Hell

Kristen Ashley
“You got one life, never use it just to breathe.”
Kristen Ashley, Heaven and Hell

Kristen Ashley
“Then he muttered like he was talking to himself, "I don't know if I want her to figure out she's fuckin' gorgeous so she isn't so fuckin' clueless when a player marks her or if I'm glad I finally got one who looks as good as her and has no fuckin' clue."
"Are you wanting me to participate in this discussion or are you having a conversation with yourself?"
"You're participation isn't required," Sam replied... and I looked up to see him grinning.”
Kristen Ashley, Heaven and Hell

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5.0% "I was deep breathing and feeling, acutely, like I was in the preliminary stages of my first ever seizure when my head tipped back for some reason and I saw Sampson Cooper had stood. ". Lol"
8.0% "Imlove Sam already. They've only had breakfast."
20.0% "“Your husband’s name was Cooter?” Yup and he had a garage in Hazard County! Lol" 2 comments

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message 1: by Searock (last edited Apr 13, 2012 02:00AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Searock Michele,
Thank you!
I love this review.
I was really hoping this is how it would turn out when you were at the 50% mark :)

Michele ~ la Smoocherina Searock wrote: "Michele,
Thank you!
I love this review.
I was really hoping this is how it would turn out when you were at the 50% mark :)"

Thanks! It was still great, I just wasn't seeing it's stand out quality at 50%.

My fave quote :

"you're...fucking...dating?". Lol

Kristen OMG!That is Sam! Great review!

Mandy Thanks to your review I'm putting this on my to read shelf.

~ Becs ~ Nice review - gorgeous pics x

✿ℎazℯℓ - thℯ ℛock Cℎick ℱairy✿ WOW, I think we both finished this book at the same time. I haven't gotten around to typing my review (still processing haha) but I must say, i agree with yours, like totally. =)

message 8: by Karla (new) - added it

Karla Great review Michele!

Michele ~ la Smoocherina Thanks! I updated some of the pics!

Carrie (Badass, Alpha-male, Cowboy Connoisseur ) Awesome review, I couldn't say it better :) She does spoil you for other authors doesn't she!!

Michele ~ la Smoocherina Yes! she does! Thank you! :)

Nikki Fab review Michele. And I ADORE your choice for Luci.... so stunning, that pic gives me tingles!

Kellie G. I just finished this book and loved it! Your review is great and so are your pics!!

Michele ~ la Smoocherina Thanks guys! This is a great book. :)

message 15: by The (new) - rated it 3 stars

The O Great review. loved the book also. Will you be my friend? I'd like o check out our shelves :-)

Michele ~ la Smoocherina Sure! The O! Just friend me! :)

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