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The Trial by Franz Kafka
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Feb 22, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: fiction
Read in February, 2012

Directly from the email I sent to the person who recommended I read it...

"the trial - it reminds me quite a bit of that buddhist parable of the guy with the poisoned arrow in his arm who goes to the doctor, who wants to remove the arrow and start some anti-poison regimen, but the guy's like, no, not until i sort out who shot it at me and why he did it and start the proceedings against him. the chapel chapter irritated me, sort of hessian and tedious. (though i normally like the story in a story/parable in a novel/meta aspects & "appreciated" it on those grounds.) [redacted] josep k. i think what's most awesome about the book is how many reasons i found to put that asshole on trial & how willing kafka was to take the time to make me keep reading about this really annoying guy & how, ultimately, the joke is on me because i made this petty petty man's petty concerns feel really important to me for several hours... but i also wonder how much kafka related to this guy and/or how much he was making a commentary on modern society. it is almost too depressing to think kafka relates to k, but it messes with my idea of kafka to think he doesn't relate to his protagonist..."


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