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Ciel Band 12 by Ju-Yeon Rhim
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Feb 22, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: manga, read-in-2012
Read on February 10, 2012 — I own a copy , read count: 1

** spoiler alert ** (The first two pages show a child Olivia, I believe).

When Yvien's first strike against the march hare doesn't work, Lariatte opts for a second one, even knowing she and Yvien will die - her family have always protected and she can't stop trying until she has done all she can.

Krohiten returning from the capital can only watch as the two girls fall out of the sky after having taken out the march hare. This leads to flashbacks of all the people has lost, starting with Clara, all those mages who kept him failr sane through the thousands of years - and we get the last part of his conversation with the mage council president: He will fight for the arc dragons, but only when he has raised a mage who is able to destroy him - and that seems to be what Euge found out before he ran (although Krohiten told him it was only one possibility for the future).

Krohiten has never been quite sane, he feels, since he found out that his children would all die before him. He obviously sees humans as his children - even more than the fire arc dragon, who introduced humans to speech and magic. He overcomes his current weakness and manages to save Yvien (who is holding on to Lariatte even in her faint) with the dragon arms.

The mentally disturbed Olivia (her obsession with Krohiten is no less, I feel) has to accept that Krohiten will not rest with just rescuing the girls' bodies, but will enter Yvien's soulscape - since they share a magic affinity, this is possible - to get her back. We get Olivia on the verge of breakdown and a very nasty short scene-change to the king, her prospective husband and current brother, revealing his true nastiness which was only hinted at in the previous volume.

The part in Yvien's soulscape is again on of the stronger emotional developments in the series, because it is basically Lariatte's consciousness, Krohiten and Yvien's self-awareness trying to find a way to return - although the Earth arc dragon has sent a faithful helper, Insanity, to observe and manipulate this attempt.

I really enjoy the careful hints about Krohiten's current health with Insanity's allustion to his hair colour and Lariatte's finding out that the dragon wings she had used in a previous volume to save Yvien from her field the first time are Krohiten's wings!

Eventually they all three get out of the soulscape and Krohiten, who has ever only seen the future, suddenly gets a vision of the past. When he sees Yvien next he is very thankful, but also apologizes to her... (fushigi mysteryyyyyyyyyyy again)!

The next new arc arrives when Euge decides to take Krohiten up on moving to Lowood (with his wife as a cook there), because he runs into the woman at the train station, who has been hunting him for these last 17 years... she doesn't say anything at first, and Euge thinks she hasn't recognised him.

The core group are invited to the capital to get decorated for their valour when defeating the march hare (and January gets his official transference of the baronetcy of Lightsphere in his name) ... but then the king suddenly refuses to let them return to Lowood and Newton, to "honor" them some more. He manages to make January feel that he is a fellow prisoner of his obligations and family role. Meanwhile he finally allows the woman who hunts Euge Eyne to do so legally...

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