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Love Is a Mix Tape by Rob Sheffield
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Feb 22, 2012

it was ok
Read in February, 2012

Likely one of the most overrated books out there. Sheffield writes with a simplicity that becomes as painful as an English teacher's afternoon of editing "What I did Last Summer" essays, that is, if said high school class was comprised of Gen X'ers who spent their young lives merely skimming all the music which floated to the cultural surface. It is unfortunate that this is supposed to be a sort of memorial to his late wife, and much of the praise surrounding it must have more to do with sympathy than the book's quality. It did teach me, however, that even a mediocre writer with mediocre taste in music can become an editor at Rolling Stone -- something which should have been obvious before since it's so unsurprising.

I was so excited to read this book only to be fucked in the face with a notebook of the same old shit churned out every other goddamn week by the likes of rags like Rolling Stone and SPIN, corpses of music journalism long irrelevant to anyone who never buried themselves in the disjointed, ever selling Billboard Vomit of their youth. If you've listened to three radio stations in the United States, each one for more than 3 hours, all sometime within the past decade and remember fragments from an evening with MTV the decade before when the folks there thought giving a shit would make them money, you've covered all the music in the book. If you grew up, were slightly awkward in your adolescence and saw a couple rock shows you've covered all the back story. The one thing you might be missing is the experience of having your lover die, or maybe just love die, or maybe really realizing that you've never really loved at all, but I assure you that that day will one day come and is coming, you unfortunate sons of bitches.

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