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Devoted by Hilary Duff
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Feb 22, 2012

did not like it
Recommended for: Absolutely Nobody!!
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Chaos, chaos, chaos.

I'll begin by saying I loved Elixir--give or take a little love. It was good. It had mystery. It had suspense. (Though the car scene pretty much made me disgusted with Sage.)

So, Sage is gone. End of Elixir. When I opened this book, I expected so much more. Instead, this jumbled, horrible, shredded thing-of-a-story ensued. Pure disappointment.

First thing first. This story...it had zero depth. None. Nada. Zilch. Whatever you want to call it. Unlike Elixir (and you'll find me comparing it to this often, seeing as it's a sequel) this had no feeling. I didn't love/like ANY of the characters while reading this.

And characters...that leads me to Amelia. What. Were. They. Thinking?! She's such a confusing, unnecessary character. The alternating POV chapters made it even worse. This whole book would have been a bladhshdhf-zillion times better without her. (Even though bladhshdhf-zillion has yet to be a number.) Her mother was a witch among other unmentionables, and her grandfather and dad never shined. They're a bunch of know-it-all, floaty, annoying people that I could have done without. Actually, I would have felt BETTER reading this without them involved.

Okay, let me do a quick cover of the characters:

Clea: Um, sweetheart?? Quit pining after Sage. All the "he was my soulmate" junk got on my nerves. We understand. We're not daft. (Like you seem to be. I mean...trusting the CV??) And what's the deal with Sloane?? I basically just remember her as "the-nasty-person-who-said-too-many-f-words-to-count."

Ben: SUZANNE?! The least you could have done was been less of a...meanie...to Clea. I mean, c'mon! You were annoying in this, Ben. I didn't like you as much as I did the first time around. Suck it up and move on.

Sage: ROFL. No development for his character in this book. Actually, none of them developed. They just made really stupid choices over and over again. Sage is a freak. I dislike him more than I did before. And that ending?? I will come to that later. Moving on.

Nico: To be honest, his character was nondescript, and I neither liked or disliked him.

Rayna: Pssh, girl, you're the only sane one. AND YOU'RE NOT EVEN SANE!!

Now, let's talk about the ending. Or let's not. It was horrific. It was stupid. It was unrealistic (yes, yes, I realize this is fiction...) and it didn't fit in with the story at all. I mean, if you kill Sage, no one's gonna care. Not me, for sure. JUST DO IT ALREADY! And Ben killing Nico was overrated.

So, basically, Sage rose up from the dead and flew magically into some stable boy's body. Lovely. I cannot wait for the next book. (note my sarcasm).

Part of the problem with this book is that I took a break from it to read The Hunger Games. Big mistake. The Hunger Games was lovely and amazing and deep and cussing-free. *insert goofy grin* I kept thinking of IT while I read "devoted". (And the title? Dumb....)

No way Hilary Duff wrote this. And if she did, poor soul, someone needs to have a talk with her. I guarantee you that they changed ghost writers between Elixir and this book. The writing style was too different. The voice was too different. The message was...confusing, to say the least.

The only reason this book gets even ONE star is because I read it. There was maybe one time I smiled...and that was it. It barely scraped by to even that ranking.

Wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Wouldn't ever read it again. Will I read the third and final book in the series? Dunno, I might have to, just to see what happens. Some people may love this book. Some people may think it's the best thing they've ever read. Good for them. I'm glad they liked it.

But I can promise you this: I'm not devoted to "devoted".
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