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Ilse Witch by Terry Brooks
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Jul 24, 2008

it was amazing

As usual, Terry Brooks entertains his fans with another spectacular tale. He keeps you wanting to turn the pages to find out more. This is a great first book in the beginning of the series.

Thirty years ago, the elves sent an expedition to retrieve a powerful legendary magic that would aid the four lands in the fight with the Federation and the Free-born. An Elven prince led the expedition with the aid of the Elfstones. The Elfish people thought all was lost when one member from the expedition is found floating in the sea with a map covered with old symbols clutched in his hand.

The new Elven king, Allardon Elessedil, agrees to aid Walker Boh in his Druid Council if he finds out what happened on the expedition and to retrieve the Elfstones, which belong to the Elven people. Walker has plans of his own for this journey as well as honoring the King's request. Replacing the legendary Allanon as the last remaining Druid in the Four Lands, he is still battling for the right to form a new Druid Council. He realizes that there is a great magic that is hidden in the dark reaches of foreign lands that will aid him in his quest for this new council.

While he prepares for this long and dangerous journey, the Ilse witch who is a sworn enemy of Walker Boh is also preparing for the trip because she is also after this powerful magic but for purposes of her own.

Hidden within the excitement of the adventure is a story about loss and self-discovery that several characters must discover particularly Bek Rowe, Quentin Leah and the Ilse Witch! The book introduces Wing Riders who are independent flying fighters and large military air ships. As you read on, it feels like fantasy and science fiction have molded together into one bringing you a fantastic story.

It's hard to choose a favorite character because they all contribute in so many ways to the success of the story. As a reader, you get absorbed and become eager to find out what awaits each of their destinies.

If you are interested in reading this novel but have not read any of the books in the Terry Brook's Shannara series, it will compel you to go back in history and read about the generations that have made up the history of the Four Lands.

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