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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
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Feb 22, 2012

it was amazing
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I kept hearing about The Hunger Games everywhere I turned. I hate jumping on bandwagons, so I ignored it, thinking it was just another fad that would let me down. I guess I'm becoming a book snob in my old age, because my stubbornness kept me away from this for at least a year. When I picked up my friend to go shopping on Monday (03/19/2012), she thrust it into my hands as she got into the car and told me I had two days. I decided to start it on Tuesday (03/20) while waiting for my dad during his surgery. It sucked me in right away.

Collins is a master at characterization. I fell in love with Gabe, Prim, Katniss, Peeta, Rue, and even some of their enemies right away (Foxface, Thresh). I could relate to Katniss in several ways, even though we are so different. Mostly, this book tore at my big sister heartstrings. I loved Prim and Rue as if they were my own little sister, and completely empathized with Katniss's decision in the beginning of the book.

(POSSIBLE SPOILER IN THIS PARAGRAPH) I also related with Katniss because at the end of the book, she questions who she is when everything is over. I've been in that position, too — of course, nowhere near as extreme — and struggled to find my new identity. And of course, most people have been torn between two loves, so that was also easy for me to relate to. (END POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It felt so real to me, even though it was set far in the future in extreme circumstances (that are, unfortunately, all too possible). It reminded me a little of The Giver by Lois Lowry, combined with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (J.K. Rowling), but not so much that I kept thinking of these other novels; I just enjoyed those slight elements.

The book ended on several cliffhangers, which left me wanting to go buy the whole trilogy; my friend is reading the second book now, and I don't really want to wait for her to finish!
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03/20/2012 page 59
16.0% "I didn't want to read this because EVERYONE kept talking about it and I was honestly afraid it was being hyped for the same reasons you-know-what was hyped, but my friend sat me down, thrust the book into my hands, and told me I had two days to finish it. I'm so glad I let her boss me around, because this book is amazing so far."
03/21/2012 page 245
66.0% "I really thought that Katniss was eventually going to have to kill Rue, but the way things turned out was so much more heartbreaking. I stayed up until about 2:30am reading this, and only went to bed because I couldn't retain anything I was reading. I ended up just dreaming about it."
100.0% "I'm speechless. This was just amazing."
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Liz4nier I couldn't agree more! I stayed away from this series until I needed something to read. I was so sad to end this trilogy. I cried several times throughout the series and not for a second regret reading it.

message 2: by Zaelyna (new)

Zaelyna Interesting. I'm about 1/2 through this book. While I adore the concept, enjoy the films, and relate to some of the characters, I keep getting tripped up by the present-tense writing style. I know it's one of the trickier tenses, and extremely difficult to pull off, so I'm somewhat lenient... guess I just feel like (ironically enough), the book and movie are *too* similar. Maybe I spend too much time working in the industry now that I understand and better appreciate why most adaptations make changes from their book origins.

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