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Born of Ashes by Caris Roane
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Feb 22, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: angels, paranormal-romance
Read on February 22, 2012

As a blood slave to the bad guy vamps who are addicted to dying blood, Fiona was repeated drained to death and brought back to life again over and over for a hundred years. Now Fiona is free, but unwilling loose that freedom in any way, even to the beautiful warrior whose scent draws her since they are destined mates.

I wasn't completely hooked on Roane's series coming into Born of Ashes - I still have the second book sitting on the pile - but I decided to make a purchase to support my funky lonely only remaining local bookstore, the cover for this one is really stunning and the heroine's back story caught me when I read the first few pages.

Things I liked: I liked the gorgeous patient and oh so perfect (French!) leading man Jean-Paul who also has commitment issues, and I still love the idea of the kilted winged warriors (I think of them as 'angpires'), I was actually intrigued for a fair chunk of the book by the set up for the next pair Warrior Thorne and Margarite, the seer who has been imprisoned in a convent for a hundred years (with only visits by Thorne for quickies to break up the monotony).

Things that I didn't like: I really do not like the scent thing that identifies mates in this series and Fiona and Jean-Paul make notice of the other's scent every single time they are together - his is coffee and hers is pastries and neither is the least bit sexy to me. 'Potions' have always struck me as cheesy - angpires dispense these during love making with their fangs - I cringe every time I read that word. I hated description of the bad guy and his evil girlfriend playing with their 'food'. Also I ended up really disgusted with both Thorne and Margarite - him for wanting her to remain imprisoned so that he could keep her for himself and her for wanting to jump anything with a pulse (okay to be fair there was >one< exception) - they ended being the nail in coffin to any faint temptation I might have had of reading the next book.

So the bottom line on this latest entry to Roane's Guardians of Ascension was that were things I liked but more things I didn't and the end result was that Born of Ashes was okay but draggy - even if you don't count the timeouts for sex scenes - and the next up starring pair left me with absolutely no interest in reading any of the others in the series.
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02/22/2012 page 82
19.0% "I actually bought this to support my local bookstore (offbeat, small, packed to the gills and the only bookstore left in town). I knew that I was behind in the series and knew that I'd skipped the second book, but didn't realise that this was the 4th not the 3rd, so we'll see how it goes. The heroine's history caught me when I read the first few pages in the bookstore"
02/22/2012 page 180
41.0% "Well now I remember why I hadn't rushed to read the second book, I had forgotten how much the scent thing had bothered me, they are forever smelling each other and his aroma is coffee, hers is pastries. Oh I had also forgotten the cheesiness that is "potions" - they inject these with their fangs to heighten the sex. And how could I have forgotten they are angpires I like the wings but the fangs not so much." 1 comment
02/22/2012 page 436
100.0% "There were things I liked and things I didn't and the end result was that this was okay and also that I have absolutely no interest in reading any of the others in the series."

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message 1: by Melindeeloo (last edited Feb 23, 2012 07:28AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Melindeeloo BamaGal wrote: "We had a short discussion about the series on my lackluster review of the 2nd book, remember? That was where I gave up. These books are too purple prose and reminiscent of bodice rippers for me..."

Sounds familiar now that you mention it, and it is probably the reason that the second book is still sitting on the pile. And after reading this I wouldn't advocate picking the series back up. Actually the only reason I picked this up was as a "support my local bookstore" purchase - the only one left in town after the three superbookstores fled/died - it has a great YA section for the kids but there wasn't much I hadn't read in the romance section that was remotely up my alley.

On the plus side the cover was pretty, on the not so plus... well there's plenty for my review and where I was sort of meh before this one on the series, I now have absolutely zero desire to read anymore of these 'smelly' angpires.

Sive Nathi Hi there do you know where i can get this book in pdf or epub. It’s not available on kindle either and I really want to carry on with the series

Melindeeloo Hi, I am really not an expert on ebook formats but looking around a bit it looks like you can get this as a kindle and some other ebook version - if you go to the product page and under "get a copy", you'll find it at barnes and nobles (which might be epub, I don't have a nook so I am not sure) and I saw it available on Google books too. Happy hunting and good luck:)

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