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Keep Me Safe by Skye Warren
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Rachel is abducted by gang members and is being helped by one of them, Zachary. Zachary is an undercover FBI agent who needs to do what he has to in order to protect his cover.


This was disturbing and may require you leaving your comfort zone. However, it's no different than what I've seen in the movies, and I've watched worst. For some, romance and erotica takes you away to another fantasy world that you can escape to, but this story is different in the form of dark erotica that goes against the rules for some. With saying that, my thoughts are as followed:

Firstly, rating this is based on the story as a whole. Although the sexual scenes were graphic and sometimes disturbing, there was still a plot to the story that brought the main characters together. Zachary, a FBI undercover agent and Rachel, a woman taken against her will by a group of gang members who had rape on their mind as well as a plot to blow up a school. While trying to uncover more information, Zachary has to try and protect Rachel, which he is unable to do at times. The opening of this story sets the pace for the rest of the story which gradually becomes very aggressive, intense, and emotional. What this means for Rachel, she has to do what she needs to in order to survive her surroundings. It was basically do what I say or be killed.

Secondly, obviously you can't escape what is being done to Rachel as it is degrading, abusive and graphic as it's being told from her POV. However, she did have her moments with Zachary, as their feelings and emotions tried to develop within the situation; this isn't your typical love story. Throughout the story, Zachary struggles with his inner self as he is at times unable to keep Rachel safe.

As the author goes outside the box depicting this story with both characters, it works within its own twisted way on how its being presented. Again, apart from the sexual graphic content, there is still a plot and a storyline that is being unfolded that may or should not be over looked. Some readers may still have a curiosity to read it though warned. But as strongly advised by the author, be forewarned. Everyone is different with how they receive and digest a story such as this.

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Kathryn Great review Lady Rave.. I had a hard time finishing due to the degrading of Rachel. I still can't say I "liked it" but there was no hate in my heart when I finished.

Lady Raven RAVE! Kat wrote: "Great review Lady Rave.. I had a hard time finishing due to the degrading of Rachel. I still can't say I "liked it" but there was no hate in my heart when I finished."

Thanks Kat! I'm late with my respond, so sorry ;-)

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