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Devil's Luck by Carolyn Crane
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Feb 21, 2012

really liked it
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*sigh* Simon. I love Simon. And we finally know what makes him tick!

Readers of Carolyn Crane’s Disillusionists series have been following and loving Simon since book one was released in 2010. His character is larger than life and he is very hard to ignore when he appears on the page. He’s one of those guys you think you should be annoyed by but you can’t help but like. And in Devil’s Luck, we finally get to know what makes him tick and we are also lucky enough to witness how his world is turned upside down by a little lady. And for Simon, that is a huge accomplishment on Fawna’s part.

I definitely recommend reading the full series before diving into Devil’s Luck. The way this novella is written, it would help you a lot. This story just jumps right in. You start off by being at Fawna’s side as she uses her gift (it’s a great scene that really helps us understand her and what she goes through on a daily basis) then we are quickly brought beside Simon and watch him do what he does best: try to beat the odds. Right away, you are in the story – no lead in and no long drawn out descriptions of past events – and I loved that.

And yes, we learn why Simon is as reckless as he is and I can’t believe I never thought much about the ‘why’ behind it before! He is reckless for a reason and once you learn why, not only will you kick yourself for not thinking of the why before but it totally makes sense! And even though the reason is sort of sad, his attitude is so awesome you can’t help but not feel sorry for him. He is amazing.

And yes ladies and gentlemen we finally find out what’s with all the bobbles that are stuck, tacked, sewed and placed on Fawna’s coat. Buttons, casino chips, doll heads…you name it, she has it on her coat. And the reason is great. Almost equal parts cool, creepy and sad, but great. Again her story is gripping and her bravery is amazing. I really enjoyed reading her and I find that she and Simon make a great match. They ‘get’ each other completely and it’s actually sort of adorable to watch them together. Adorable in a slightly twisted way. *g*

I really like how Carolyn writes her novellas. You don’t feel as though you are missing pieces and you don’t feel like the story is rushed. Well paced and well told, Devil’s Luck is not only a solid read but also a must-read for fans of the Disillusionists series.

4 stars

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message 1: by Leigh (new) - added it

Leigh i'm so excited for this one! i LOVE Simon!! :)

Julie Leigh wrote: "i'm so excited for this one! i LOVE Simon!! :)"

Me too! Do you subscribe to Carolyn's newsletter?

message 3: by Leigh (new) - added it

Leigh Julie wrote: "Leigh wrote: "i'm so excited for this one! i LOVE Simon!! :)"

Me too! Do you subscribe to Carolyn's newsletter?"

yep!! i'm all signed up!! :)

Julie Oh good. ;)

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