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Insectlopedia by Douglas Florian
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Feb 22, 12

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Insectlopedia is about all different tyoes of insects and the types of things that they do. One poem is about an army of ants and how they roam around in a swarm. Another poem is about mosquitoes how what they look like and how they act. There is no real plot to the story, there are individual poems that have their own story.
The book has some poems that have rhyme and some that don't. For example, on poem says, "Upon a twig, I sit and pray, For something big, To wend my way." This is an example of a simple rhyme pattern that a child would be able to understand. There is an image for every poem in the book. The images look like they are made out of water color and hand drawn. They show what kind of animal the poem is talking about and the different things that they may do. These poems can expand our knowledge of insects and what insects do. In some of the poem there are strange insects, such as the mosquitoe, that nobody ever really thinks about. The poems give different ways that the insects act and the different things that they are capable of. Insectlopedia is a positive poem that describes insects. There are different word plays, such as "We are weevils, We are evil. We're aggrieved, Since time primeval." There are also a few poems that are written in the shape of the animal that it is describing. There is no real occasion happening in these poems, instead they are describing different insects.
I thought this was a very good poem. I liked the descriptions given to all of the different insects and how some of the poems were shaped like the insect that it was describing. This poem relates to my life because when I was a little kid I would love insects and would want to know more about all of the insects and what they do. I would use this in the classroom to show the children the different kinds of insects there are. I could also take them outside for a little field trip and have them point out and find as many insects that they could. If they saw the insect in real life then they might have a better view as to what the insect looks like.

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