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Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson
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Apr 15, 12

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Finally getting around to writing a review.

SO, here we go! The concept of this book did remind me loosely of World War Z, which has been a common comparison. It is post-Apocalyptic, and instead of zombies it is machines. The presentation of the story is similar in that it uses documented accounts reviewed by a narrator who presents them to the reader.

The story is a neat concept. I've always loved the Terminator movies (particularly #1 & more particularly #2), so I was very open to reading a story about killer robots. That said, this story falls short in a number of ways.

Firstly, it tried to mix prose with slang and does so in what I would say is an ineffective way. It uses what I would personally consider pretty terrible metaphors, or corny ones... if not cliche ones...The characters are flat, but the plot of the story kept me somewhat interested. I never developed much of an emotional attachment to any particular character, and as such I took about 40 days to read this book, longer than it should have taken, by a lot. Because I didn't feel any connection, I didn't feel a pressing desire to read this as much.

One thing that I at first liked, but came to resent, was the first chapter of the book, which essentially tells you the end of the story. I was like, hey, neat... now I get to see how this all happened... but by the end, I already knew the outcome of the story, as the beginning "Debrief" spoils it, so I again felt hardly any pressing desire to finish the book.

So to sum up, the things that ruined a possibly 5 star story were:

Debrief (the spoiling of the ending, then telling how it got to the ending)
Flat Characters
Bad mixing of pros with Slang
Awful metaphors and cliches

There were a couple characters I found interesting, Mathilda, and the robot that awoke, other than that, no connection...I can't stress enough how important it is in a story to establish an emotional link to characters. It is the driving force behind a good story. Even if your writing is terrible, if the reader can somehow relate or connect to the characters it will make people want to read the book more. Look at Stephanie Meyer's Twilight... Horrible books... horribly written... yet, the target audience is teenage girls, and as such the books are crafted to take advantage of their teenage hormones. It's a common dirty little trick of writers, taking advantage of ones psychology, and in turn pumping out terrible writing that people are willing to read...

All of that said, this is much better than anything like Twilight. I wanted to give it a 4 star rating for being neat, but there were things that fell short, like how time seemed to move too quick, the stages were too spontaneous, the characters were not individually focused on in depth enough. This book could have been written better and longer so as to engage the reader more.

I consider this pop fiction, meaning that it is basically just "for kicks" or "for fun", not really meant to be pros, just a neat story. Even so, I can only give this 3 stars.

I DO recommend reading this if you have spare time and are interested in post apocalyptic, or Armageddon themed stories. It is neat... but I wouldn't put aside a good book to read this. So if you got the extra time, give it a shot.
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Arah-Lynda Ooh I cannot help but wonder what you will make of this one.

JonSnow I'm VERY curious about this book. Your review made me want to read it ;)

JonSnow Just bought it on Ebay in New condition for under 8 bucks, paper back, from the UK. Probably take a couple weeks to ship over to Halifax, NS though. :)

Arah-Lynda JonSnow wrote: "I'm VERY curious about this book. Your review made me want to read it ;)"

Well I do hope you enjoy it Jon. I dont suppose you have a white direwolf?

JonSnow Sadly no direwolf, though if you know where I can get one... lol. My name's not actually Jon Snow, just my online identity, based on a character I identify with personally, whose name I've often claimed as my own, and almost legally so ;)

JonSnow At my former job I was called "Jon Snow" frequently, my name was listed on sales charts as "Jon Snow", and even on pre-shift reports on the Intranet, lol

JonSnow Also, I talked about Song of Ice and Fire SO much that half the center was reading it when I left, or at least watching the show, heh

Arah-Lynda JonSnow wrote: "Also, I talked about Song of Ice and Fire SO much that half the center was reading it when I left, or at least watching the show, heh"

LOL... I can relate

JonSnow JUST GOT IT IN THE MAIL!!!! It came all the way from the UK in just 6 business days. That's fast in my experience. It's trade paperback too. The price is way up around 25 bucks for it new and with shipping and all I got it for under 10 bucks. Mint condition too!! I'm very excited to read this. Hopefully I can fit it into my busy March Schedule, not sure though.

Arah-Lynda Your thoughts sir?

JonSnow I will post my more detailed thoughts after tomorrows exam, lol. I give it a 3/5 though. It was pretty neat, but lacks in the prose department. I didn't feel an attachment to any characters either, which made it take 40 days to read. But on the whole I enjoyed the concept and the general story. I'm glad I read it and bought it.

JonSnow Maybe a 3.5, not sure though... There were some metaphors that irritated me with their awfulness haha

Apatt Damn fine review, couldn't agree more!

JonSnow I'm glad to see someone agrees with me on this one. :D

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