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Gate 7, Volume 2 by CLAMP
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Feb 21, 2012

liked it

The art is very, very pretty if CLAMP's style is within your taste. It's very... speckly, if that makes sense. Lots of effects, photoed backgrounds, and pretty people. Even the main character noticed how many pretty people show up in the story.
The story is getting a bit more interesting... Even though not much has been explained as far as the characters go, it's getting into the fact that they may be interesting.
Nothing past the art and designs of it all have stuck out to me all that much, but knowing CLAMP, I assume I'll be drawn in later.

So far, I do like Sakura and Tachibana a bit, and the purple eyed boy who's name I am not remembering.

Rating PG13
Some fighting (with some blood), but nothing graphic. There are things that a person can be contracted with similar to demons, that are not shown as bad, that are also genderless (making possible attractions awkward for some people). One of these 'eats' people to live, though this has not been shown happening. Magic is part of the main concept.

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