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God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens
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Jul 24, 2008

really liked it

Hitchens' relentless assault on theism continues and his writing is sharp as ever. For those who saw his debates, or have read his essays, his wit is not lost in the hardcover print, and his citation of brilliant minds from Jefferson to Kipling, even tossing scripture in the face of the over-zealous holy roller, is wonderful, brisk and, while some believe that it is a result of Hitchens' arrogant, incredibly entertaining.

There is no doubt that Hitchens is one of the most well spoken, and direct commentators of our time, and his shots at Mother Theresa and Bill Clinton are fantastic. While he's been criticized for being far too harsh, even those who don't agree with him are forced to concede that he is very, very smart.

While "The God Delusion" (by Richard Dawkins) and "The End of Faith" (by Sam Harris) can be seen as attempts to make the atheist perspective more understandable to the believer, Hitchens piece is a Bible for the anti-theist position, and it conjures up every volatile, anti-religious sentiment that has ever been brought up in his debates, slamming those who apologize for the faiths and attacking the core principles that lead to religiously propagated atrocities.

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