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Vampireville by Ellen Schreiber
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Feb 21, 12

Vampire Kisses- VampireVille

“The official welcome sign to my town should now read, ‘Welcome to Vampireville—come for a bite, but stay for an eternity!’” (Schreiber 394). Here it’s telling at Raven Madison’s town Amityville (Dullsville) is being taken over by a group of vampires named the Maxwells, plus her vampire boyfriend Alexander Sterling. Each character has a dark side and light side. But, which will they pick? The path of good or evil? Would the plot change? Or would it be the same? Would the story change to evil or stay on the side of good? Would the point of view change? What would happen?
Each character has a side to his/her story. On how they act, on how they think. For each character the author gives fantastic detail. Their hair, eyes, clothes, down to the little detail. But, overall none of them are the same. Raven is loving and caring, but is still Goth on the outside on in. Alexander is a lovely artist and great taste in music. Jagger is the guy you wouldn’t want to get on his bad side, but still loves his sister and brother. Luna is the girly goth and can’t stay away for a guy she likes…a lot! Each character is either round or flat…by that it means that Raven is round; she changes throughout the story. Unlike Jagger, Luna, and Alexander they stay the same. All the way through the series.
The plot of this story is on that Raven finds out that Jagger and Luna want to get back at Alexander. That he left Luna and never to turn her into a vampire. Mad and up-set Luna gets back at him and Raven of taking Trevor, to turn him into a vampire. Afraid of what may happen if Trevor did become a vampire; Raven and Alexander are out looking for the twin sibling’s coffins. With little luck Raven and Alexander try to seek out on the twin siblings and Trevor. Finally, Alexander and Raven find the coffins, in Billy-boy’s nerd mate’s tree house. Scarring the two vampires into hiding again, Raven is worry about what if Trevor is a vampire?! A party was being held at the graveyard and Alexander and Raven can see that this isn’t going to be good. Trevor is still with Luna and something will happen. What is Raven going to do?
The style of the story is a one character point of view. This means that one character throughout the WHOLE series. Raven Madison is the girl who is giving her thoughts and feeling without the books. Alexander and the other characters say what they feel. Raven can’t read minds! XD But she is different from the other girls that Alexander has met. She gives us what her room looks like to what she is wearing. She gives each character a way they act and talk, but also how they do in school or after school hours.
Seeing that the characters, plot, and style are each part of the story, but can change the little things that may be changed or added to the story. Choose a side and stay forever. Raven Madison Goth, caring, different, and most wanted to vampires…but one is hers forever…and only one…

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