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Explosive Eighteen by Janet Evanovich
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Feb 21, 2012

Read in February, 2012

The Stephanie Plum series are my guilty pleasures. These are the books that I am ashamed to admit that I read. This is another series that I don't know why I still read. I loved the first few Stephanie Plum novels...hilarious!The more I started to get into the series, the more familiar they seemed.

Lula-enough already. She is getting on my nerves! I am so sick of hearing everything that she eats. We get that she eats all the time. We get that she's tacky and obnoxious. Give us something new!

Stephanie-again, enough already! She makes the same mistakes as a bounty hunter she did in the first few books. It might have been funny in book 4 or 5, but 18? Really now. Get a clue.

This book was so disappointing. The whole Hawaii thing?! Major let down! I kept reading thinking I would get an explanation or a flashback or something...but the "explanation" fell short. I got so tired of reading about Hawaii and a ring tan, only to get about a page explanation. REALLY?! I would have liked to heard more about everything! The whole "marriage" with Ranger, and the fight with Ranger and Morelli....why leave that out?! It would have been refreshing to read something new!

It's the same plot over and over and over again! I am so tired of Stephanie not making a decision between Ranger and Morelli. The more I read, the more I lean towards Ranger. Morelli just irritates me. He is hardly there for Stephanie and always complains about her. I keep reading the series because I think this might be the one where Stephanie such luck. Honestly, make a freakin' decision already! It's still dragging on. I miss the beginning books when Stephanie had some morals. I miss the adventure and the humor that was funny the first time (not the eighteenth). The plots are the same thing. Stephanie messes up a apprehension, Lula tags along and eats herself sick, throw in some drama with Lula, Stephanie's car blows up or goes missing, Ranger saves her (AGAIN), she goes to a funeral...blah blah blah.

Please, Janet, give us something new! Character development would be nice. A decision made between Ranger or Morelli would be even better.


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