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Rise of the Wolf by Curtis Jobling
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Feb 27, 12

Read on February 27, 2012

"Rise of the Wolf" is an astonishing fantasy debut and a book, for which I have waited many, many years. For too long the subgenre of the epic fantasy was dying in the vicelike grip of slow-moving, low tension and neverending series of massive proportion and no sense of wonder and adventure at all. With "Rise of the Wolf" Curtis Jobling brings the genre back to its roots and creates an original world, in which he unleashes his imagination to create a fast paced adventure, which could easily be put next to the best works of Terry Brooks, Margaret Weis or David Eddings.
Drew is an ordinary farmboy, who lives with his family and helps them with the cattle. He is courageous and agile, but he is no hero or so he thinks. Things begin to rapidly worsen when his mother is suddenly killed by a mysterious black monster and Drew himself answers to this becoming a monstrous creature too. When his father returns, he finds only his transformed son, blames him for the dead of his beloved wife and attacks him. Terrified, Drew runs for his life, thus becoming a fugitive and losing everything in a few horrifying ours. In the next few months, he lives like an animal in the creepy Dyrewood, being slowly consumed by the wolfish being, which is part of his nature. When he is captured by scouts however, Drew returns to his human self and soon discovers astonishing secrets - that he is a shapeshifter and all nobles in the world are creatures like him. Even more interesting is that he is the last werewolf - and thus is a sworn enemy of the Lion, who has usurped the throne of the king of all Werelords and is determined to wipe out the wolfish kind...
From there to the end, amazing adventures follow. Drew meets other werecreatures, some of them friendly, most of the them not, fights desperate battles against monstrous enemies and never loses the spark that makes him a true wolf - to fight for the weak and oppressed and never to back down when he sees injustices. In a world dominated by cynicism, this is always a welcome message and in a genre, full with pretentious series with obnoxious characters, this is a major comeback, which shows that the covenant, left by JRR Tolkien is still alive. Thank you, Curtis Jobling!
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