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My Visit To Hell by Paul Thigpen
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Jul 23, 08

Ok. I'm a Cathleprod. That means Catholic, raised as Protestant, which also means I don't buy into "The church" on either side. They are, after all, divinely sanctioned, run by humans, with plenty of options for good and bad. And in the end, WE are whatever church we belong to, not the "leadership" who are into power, no matter what church.
What does this have to do with the book? I am really annoyed by folks who bash their respective version of Christian ethics and "Dassendos" on me. I am a Christian by definition, but I certainly accept the fact I don't know everything, and would never dain to damn my fellow heathen humans to hell because they don't believe like I do. That's God's business. Unfortunately, this book is a fundementalist version of Dante's inferno, and as such this guy is busy telling us who's in hell for what reason. Grow up, bud. This is not an inspired work; it is an interesting story, and has a lot going for it, except where the author chooses why and who ends up where at what level. I can tell which version of the holy book this guy uses (after all, I do live in the "Bible Belt of the USA" and have heard the same arguements before. Anymore, I just smile and say "whatever", because your version of the book has proven myriad flaws from the orginal translation.
Huff. Pardon me while I go here: Grape juice, when put in a wine skin in the heat of the summer, turns to alcoho-containing wine. It's basic Physics. Yet, guys like this author put down the basic tenant of Trans-substantiation. Pttttttth. I would rather not have to deal with the holier than thou attitude. We're all sinners and have opportunity to redeem ourselves. And that is what is missing from this book... It's interesting, but not my thing.
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booklady LOL!!!!! You are a hoot! love, booklady

PS If I could ever figure out which soapbox you were using!

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