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Mercy by Rebecca Lim
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Feb 23, 12

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Read in February, 2012

Rachel's review of Mercy by Rebbeca Lim

Judged by the Cover: What's not to like?
Time of Day: Sorry, No
Head Over Heels: 7
Bonus Features: Fallen Angels, House Exchange
Final Flavor: Sweet and Sour

Judged by the Cover: What's not to Like?
Really, I'm not sure what is going on here. It may be simple and not at all chaotic but I am completely lost. Never in the book does she appear on a beach, and it just seems out of place. At least the model on the front fits the description of Mercy or I would have absolutely no reason to be sane about this.

What's Up?
Sometimes when Mercy falls asleep she's not sure who she'll be the next day. Of course Mercy may not be her name that day, or it may have never been here name she just calls herself that. And Frankly she's not sure why she takes the persona of other people she can only guess, and most of the time it's because she has to help someone. This time not only does she get to live with a mysterious boy named Ryan she has to uncover the mystery of how his twin sister, Lauren, was kidnapped two years ago. and if she is still alive. The clocks ticking because she's not sure how long she has to be Carmen Zappacosta.

Time of Day: Sorry, But no.
Mercy was everything a girl could want to be. She has an immaculate singing voice, she's confident and she can talk her way out of/into anything. Of course she wasn't the normal witty character I like to read from, and that was defiantly made the characterization of Mercy suffer. The novel could have been so much better if the book had had a main character with a little depth.

Head Over Heels: 7
Ryan showed off his brotherly love to his missing twin sister by clinging to the chance that she could possibly be alive. Sure it worked for him, but almost as soon as Carmen shows up he begins to open up and lets her into his heart, coming to her before anyone else. Yeah it's cute but he most defiantly receives the clingy "boyfriend award" for this month.

Bonus Features: Fallen Angels
It seems as if the topic of fallen angels has even more rules to break then werewolves or vampires. It is truly interesting to see if the author tries to play by the rules or if they deviate as far as humanly possible.

House Exchange
I thought this could have been experimented with a little more, but at least it was present. It is really fun to read from the prospective of someone who is just as oblivious to their surroundings as you are. The idea of going on a school trip and boarding with one of the local families although unbelievable to a degree was really cute.

Final Flavor: Sweet and Sour
The book could could have benefited from at least a few more chapters. Maybe a few more questions could have been answered? I felt just as confused at the end of book as I did at the beginning. It was almost as if nothing happened. You could tell the author was trying to add twists and turns but it was easy enough to figure them out the second a tiny clue was given out. But even after all that it was still very amusing to read, but it's not something that should be at the top of anyone's reading list.

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