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Fahrenheit 451 by Tim Hamilton
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Feb 20, 2012

really liked it

WARNING!!! Contains Spoilers!!!

1. In the story, Guy Montag is the protagonist. Ray Bradbury wrote the story about the future where the government banned the books because they thought reading was pointless. Montag is a fireman whose job is to burn books. He was satisfied with his life, and he was always happy, until he met a strange girl. One day, Montag met a girl when he was coming back from his work. It was already late night, so Montag found it weird. She talked with the girl, whose name was Clarisse. When she asked him whether he was happy with his life or not, he questioned himself. Later in the story, he steals a book, which was illegal, and tried to read and understand it, but he failed,so he decided to get help from a English professor, Faber. When his boss found out about this, he told him to burn his own house. Montag threatened his flamethrower, and killed him. Faber told him to go to countryside where there are still people who love books. After he went there, there was a serious war going on in the city, and the city was in a state of apocalypse, after the usage of nuclear weapons and other weapons. In the last part of the story, Granger, the leader of the community of book lovers, talks about phoenix. Phoenix burn themselves and they are born from the ash again. He stated that humans are very much like phoenix, because they never try to fix their mistakes, but instead, do it over and over again.

2. The main conflict was the conflict between Montag and the society (man vs society). When he stole the book from the burning house, he became an outlaw. He had to fight against the society, and even his wife was not on his side. Everyone except for people like Faber and people in the Granger's group, they hated books. He had to fight against Beatty, his boss, and the law.

3. In my personal opinion, I think this book has a unique idea. I liked this book because this book makes me think. Even though this book had a resolution in the end, there was still a bit of cliff hanger, and also it wasn't an happy ending. He was betrayed by the society he lived in, and he had to fight against the rule and the law. Like Granger, they have to wait until the law banning books is diminished.

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