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Voyager by Diana Gabaldon
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Feb 20, 2012

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The series of books of which this is the third instalment is like a massive juggernaut fuelled almost entirely by sex. I loved the first book, hated the second, and would tend to place this one somewhere in the middle.

There is a lot to admire here – the extent of the author’s research, and the feeling that she is at home with the setting. And though the reader appears to be supplied with all the facts about the characters, the author keeps a trick or three up her sleeve. There were some genuine surprises. And the farcical wedding chapter was hilarious.

Events move overseas with a seemingly interminable journey to the Caribbean, and when we finally got there I appreciated the way the author resisted the urge to provide a sanitised depiction of slavery.

There were some elements of the plot I struggled to accept. For example how many languages does Jamie speak? It’s a while since I read the first two novels in the series so can’t remember how he came by his Renaissance Man credentials, but to have a guy from 18th century Scotland fluent in colloqual Mandarin seemed a trifle far fetched. What next? Swahili? He is too perfect. Everyone fancies him, even the men.

I guess what drives this is the romance and the attraction between the two protagnists. In a book where there is sometimes a tendency to be long-winded about small details, I thought the scene where they were reunited after twenty years was done with impressive simplicity. And, for me, it is the risk the author took – in having them separated all that time....foregoing all that shagging potential!....that lifted this book out of the ranks of Mills & Boon. Here they are, practically old in 18th century terms! Will there be enough fuel left? A courageous move, and I appreciated it.

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