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Dead City by Joe McKinney
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Feb 20, 2012

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** spoiler alert ** Zombies, gore, tough cop with heart of gold. Ending...pffftt. Yeah, riiiite. Everybody dies, including the best character, Marcus, who keeps his sense of humour to the bitten end. Except, inexplicably, Eddie's wife and baby. Fun splatter and gore, would make a good movie, if Eddie werent so damn dumb. Why do they keep driving the traffic car after it has bits of dead zombie in it when there are cars everywhere, that they have to get into and drive out of the way so they can return to the splattermobile? Why doesn't a San Antonio cop speak any Spanish? Why does Carlos stay alive so long after being bitten? When he goes into the convience store, why doesnt he stock up on food and water? Why the constant ammunition count? Why does Eddie assume that if he goes back to his house for the SECOND time, maybe his wife and kid will be ok when the house was crawling with zombies the first time? Ok, its a braincandy novel, but I appreciate a Little plausibility.

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