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Artistic Vision by Dana Marie Bell
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Apr 03, 2012

really liked it
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Shiran I have GOT to read this one! Did you buy it?

I LOVED the other two.

Marcella Yeah I bought it through my Nook. I was too lazy to turn on my computer to buy it off the author's site. Sorry!

If you have the Nook app I can lend it to you.

Shiran No worries I'm going to buy it, it's not that expensive and I really can't wait to read it :P If I had wi-fi at home I would have bought it on my kindle last night :P

Marcella I think its cheaper on the Nook than her site.

I must say, I adore Shane. He is a riot.

Shiran Yeah I just checked that site you sent me last time (got it to work :P) and it's more expensive there then on amazon so I'm just going to buy it off there.

I know! That's why I can't wait to read it. Between him and Akane I imagine the book is hysterical!

Shiran Oh and you know that she is almost finish writing book 4, The Hob!!!! That one should be really interesting :)

Marcella Wow the Hob is gonna have a mate. Now that should be interesting.

Shiran Yip, I'm so keen to see what happens in that one. I checked on her site and she is almost finished writing it. It Cynful is any indication we should be getting it in a couple of months! :D

Marcella I am excited to hear that.

Shiran I started reading this last night I got almost half way through and wow am I loving it. Shane is awesome and Jaden makes me laugh :)

Marcella I just love Shane. I was looking forward to his book most because of the fact he's a hybrid. I can only imagine what he's capable of. I'm ready to have my mind blown!

Jaden is a riot. And not to mention sexy as hell!

Shiran How far into it are you? I wouldn't mind a Jaden Shane sandwich ;)

Marcella I'm more than half way done. With the men in this series, I think this calls for a gang bang situation. LMAO!

Shiran Whahahahahahaha!!! Love it! I'd totally be a part of that one :P Cool so it sounds like we are both at more or less the same place. I find the story so interesting and I can't wait to find out what happens with Robin. I think it's awesome that Shane sees the future and Akane sees the present :)

SANDRA Hello ladies.. My updates are not working properly I guess Cause Have not been able to see u guys' updates.. So u both have it.. how is it.. I'm still on the other one.. But think will be buying this one next..

Miss u guys.

Shiran It's really awesome Sand!!! I think it's my fav so far thou I'm still in love with Jaden :)

SANDRA lol.. Jaden's book is damn hot and steamy!!! OMG I love the sandwich she finds herself in.. I wish it were me though. lol

Marcella I feel the same way Sandra. The men are HOT!

I am loving this book. I am almost done with it. Should have it done by tonight.

I am actually going to start reading 11/22/63 by Stephen King after this one. It seems pretty interesting. Let me know if you ladies are interested and I can send you the book. is a long book.

SANDRA It does look good! :) send it to me if u want. i prob won't get to it til next week probably.. lol gots lots to do this week. not much reading is getting done. :(

the men are amazing. :)

Marcella I will send it to you tonight.

The men are amazing. I just can't get enough of them.

SANDRA they are more like yum yum!! lmao

Marcella I can eat them up and lick the spoon after I savor every morsel.

SANDRA wow umm yea abso!! :D

Shiran Morning ladies!

Sorry I was AWOL yesterday I've been sick :( I haven't read anything since Monday night so I haven't finished the book yet but I'm hoping to get it done tonight :)

What are your plans for the long weekend?

Mar, I've heard good things about that book, send it to me and I'll give it a try when I'm done with Howl for me :)

SANDRA Hello ladies,

it is okay shiran, Hope u feeling better. I havent done much reading either. :P suck but got a few things that I gta do first before I can actually get serious about reading again. Do u have Howl for me for me?? I would love to read it with u. so what are we gna read next?
I am loving Bear Necessities (Halle Shifters, #1) by Dana Marie Bell , I had forgotten how much I have missed the Halle Pumas. is there another book coming out for them soon?

I do not have a long weekend, my boss doesn't believe in closing on good friday like every one else so I will be here working my little butt off.. :( what are u gna do. O n I have my brothers baby shower to throw off so that will keep me busy.. AND OMG I get to drink Beer on Sunday!!!whoohoo woot woot woot. lmao

Shiran I feel a bit better thanks Sand :)

I do have Howl for me I'll send it to you now :)

I know I just love her books. The next book in the Halle Shifters series is coming out on the 16 of june... Cynful (Halle Shifters, #2) by Dana Marie Bell

Shame hun that really suck :( Well I hope you have a fun weekend anyway!

SANDRA I'm glad u are feeling alot better!! :)

Awesome!! :D

I know so do I they are the Best!! :D she really is a great writer.

big shame wouldn't mind an extra day off to get all my baby shower things done before sunday! I am exhausted

Marcella Sorry to hear that you are sick Shiran. Glad you are feeling better.

We are not off on Good Friday, even though our boss gives us the option of taking the day off. My office manager takes it off so I need to be here. The office is closing at 12:00 p.m.

I forgot to send the book to you Sandra. I will send it tonight to the both of you. Sad thing is I had my labtop on last night. DUH!

SANDRA lol its okay. I know I'll get it when u get the chance... lol :)

ur OM sucks!!! but not bad half day at least. I'll be here all day long!! :(

Marcella Sorry to hear that Sandra. Hopefully he will be nice and let you leave early.

SANDRA lol. no luck there. I know he won't. It is what it is. at least my paycheck won't suffer u know... :)

Marcella True!

Shiran Hey ladies! I'm so sorry to hear that neither of you is off today :( that really sucks. I must say the one great thing for me is that I get all public holidays off. Are you guys off on Monday? Well I hope you both have a very quiet day so you can at least read :p

I finished this book just now and I have to say it's officially my fav book of hers (ok well second fav, Bear Necessities is still at the top :p) I can't believe how much mystery she rung up in this book, I would kill to get my hands on The Hob right now! I wish she would release it already. I am soooo in love with Shane, I want a shane and Jaden sandwich! Two best characters ever!! And Akane is such an awesome kick ass heroin I am loving the dragons!

Marcella No I am not of Monday Shiran. Sure wish I was.

I am glad you liked this book. Although I love these characters I am still partial to the Halle Pumas series.

I will be honest and say I am a little disappointed in this book. She had the potential to make Shane so kick ass and she didn't. I was waiting for something dramatic to come from him. I do love him, don't get me wrong, but I feel she didn't do his character justice in this book.

SANDRA wow..I really need to get some reading done and start on this book!! :D

Yep not off monday or today. Marcella gets to leave early but not me., I just hope banks are open cause I am going for sushi tonight!!! and well its sushi y'all know what happens to my bank account when I go there!! lol :D

Marcella Oh boy Sandra. You and sushi are a dangerous combo. Just go easy on the Lichi martinis.

SANDRA Yes yes yes I am so very and but I will try lol :D

Marcella Well at least you said you will try. Although I have my doubts. I know how much you love sushi and your martinis. LOL!

SANDRA lol. that is very true and that's why am not promising to not drink them just gna try!! :D

Marcella Fair enough.

SANDRA :D I think so. i am realistic to my core.. lol but still I will try really hard. I mean I can afford it BUT got the baby shower this weekend sooo u know need to save $$ in case of an emergency! :D

Shiran Haha sand you are so funny! :p I hope you enjoy your sushi and martini's we'll try warning the sushi people of their impending doom ;)

I thought she did a great job Mar, I kinda agree that Shane could have been so much more but what we got was still awesome. I just loved the storyline, with the fae and Robin and all :) I think DMB is my idol :p

Oh sorry guys that sucks :( we're off on Monday as well so it's really a long weekend for us. Well I hope you both have a great weekend tho! Oh and I just downloaded kindle on my blackberry so I'm loving life right now :p I was desperate it was seriously boring watching my mom cook :p

Marcella Don't get me wrong Shiran I loved the book but I was hoping for something more with Shane's character. It would have made his character that much better.

SANDRA Aww I can't wait to read it!! I wonder I will agree w. I really need to get this book. Lol it sounds gd...

N yea I'm sorry I did not get any days off. Would have loved it!!

I'm at the sushi place now. So far only two martinis lol. So so far so gd right??

I will post baby shower pics on Sunday. I really hope I pull it off. Im already a mess. Freaking put thinking about how few hrs I have to get this done!! Grr suey I had a whole team helping me w this. Lol o well.

Have a great Easter ladies!! Or in ur case shiran holiday!!

Marcella You will do great Sandra. The baby shower will be a success.

Have a great Easter Sandra and Laura. Happy Holiday Shiran. Love you ladies!

Shiran Haha Mar you and I can find the exact opposite in the same book :) I love it!

I hope you had a great time at sushi sand and didn't have too many martinis ;) you must read this book it really is so good. I need to read howl for me but I started smokeless fire last night on my phone and now I want to read both :p luckily they are such different genres :)

Happy easter ladies I hope you have fun! Luv ya! :D

Marcella We will agree to disagree Shiran. Lol!

Have a great weekend ladies. I've got a hectic day ahead of me.

SANDRA how is smokeless fire. It has been on mtr pile for a while.. :D

I had a great baby shower. Only thing was that I got into an accident on Saturday morn on my way to pick up my aunts in new york. And now I am feeling so shitty I can barely move. I kinda ignored my body yesterday but it def caught up to me today... :D

I'll be posting pics on FB later of the baby shower. I think I did an awesome job!! :D lol!!

I hope y'all had a better weekend!

Marcella Sorry to hear about your accident Sandra. That is terrible. I do hope you feel better. Soak in the tub with epson salt.

I knew you would do a great job with the baby shower.

SANDRA it was a success. Just stressful before people got there because IDK what happened but it was just me decorating and coordinating everything.. I need to speak to my mother some time and figure out what happened!

yea it is terrible. just gta wait what happens now with the insurance and hopefully that won't take too long.. :D

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