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Winter Warmer - A (Getting) Biblical Tale by Sarah Berry
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Now that Christmas is over, Sophie is looking to spice her life up and have a special part of her body touched. As her first attempted fail, she found her next candidate, the heating guy.


This was a fun and a bit humorous at times read. Throw in a single, horny, porno watching, sexless woman and you have the ingredients for a sexy fun novella. Sophie’s life was a bit similar to Bridget Jones’s but more sexy. Although, this should have been title, Diary of a sexless horny girl.

Sophie was a bit frustrated and wanted the right guy to take her anal cherry. When she tries a date from a guy she met online, things didn’t go as planned. Sophie was entertaining to me and she was desperate enough to have a go at Neil. Poor guy, he didn’t stand a chance. But with her needs not being fulfill she set her sights on the heating contractor. When the grumpy but very sexy heating contractor, Gabriel, visits to fix her heating breaks, I loved Sophie’s wild and crazy at times fantasies about him, which got out of control; a very embarrassing moment for her.

The best moment for me was her sad but quick shaving attempt to quickly go back to seduce Gabriel. This was a quick, fun and sexy read and I enjoyed following Sophie’s crazy attempts, though silly as they may seem, to getting her anal cherry popped.

Length: Novella
Storyline: GOOD
Enjoyment: GOOD
Intimacy Level: Sex-citingly GOOD

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