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Circus Summer by Kailin Gow
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Jul 21, 12

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Read from July 17 to 19, 2012

Each book I have read from Kailin Gow I have enjoyed more than the last one. Circus Summer is my favorite one yet. The concept is creepy, interesting and really well developed. It's a dystopian, I have noticed that a good amount of dystopians start out with a similar base. This book is kind of like the Hunger Games, in that there is a super corrupt government and there are teenagers competing to be named champion. But that is pretty much where the similarities stop. In Circus Summer, the teenagers actually have to choose on their own to try and join this super dangerous and creepy circus. They each have their own reasons, but no one is forced to join. I liked that. Even though I can't imagine that I could even come up with a good enough reason to make me join after seeing so many people get injured or die from the circus.

Leela is the main character and she is a strong girl. She is also pretty inquisitive, which I loved about her. She doesn't simply accept things at face value. Actually both of the main characters have a healthy dose of skepticism, and I don't blame them. The world is at war with these people called "the invaders" and no one seems to know that much about them at all. Even the readers. The invaders are never really fully explained, because I think at this point in the story they are still a mystery to everyone. I am dying to find out more about them.
Zachary is her potential lover interest/fellow competitor. He is a very interesting character. I really enjoyed reading parts of the book from his point of view. I really like that about Kailin's books. She normally splits the point of views up by chapters, which is a style that I simply love!

The world in Circus Summer is certainly not one that I would ever like to live in or even visit. There are crazy mutant animals, dangerous experiments gone bad, and little to no technology because the invaders are drawn to technology and they have somehow destroyed it all. How they accomplished this was never really developed. I would like to see some of these questions get answered in the next book.

It seemed crazy to me that the towns people would be ok with the circus after seeing all the horrific things the kids have to go through, but no one really protests it. I think the nation is so oppressive that no one really feels free enough to protest anything. There are some pretty big secrets in Circus summer and some twists and turns within its pages. It is such a great book. I really enjoyed every minute of it. I thought the pacing was great, and the series looks like it is going to be pretty darn awesome!
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