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Shoulda Been a Cowboy by Lorelei James
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Feb 19, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: cowboys
Read from February 21 to 22, 2012

OMG.. The bar scene.. I loved it...
Briefly summarised some of my fav parts without spoilers...

"So, this is where the skank meeting is," a chubby blonde sneered.
"We saved a seat for you, Amanda, but damn, I don't think your fat ass will fit in the chair," Keely shot back.
India coughed to cover a laugh
"You could always get on your knees," Ramona suggested, "since we all know that's a natural position for you"
"F** you Ramona. Your mouth has always been bigger than your brain," another woman snapped.
"You think I'm all talk Margo? Try Me."

Amanda's upper lip curled with disgust. "Slut's"
Keely and Ramona exchanged a look and laughed.
"Was that supposed to be an insult?"
"Only a McKay would take that as a compliment." Margo said "Everyone in the entire state knows a McKay or West will f**k anything that walks."
"Except for you, apparently," Keely retorted. "How many of my brothers and cousins have you propositioned? And how many have turned you down flat? All of them."

“Why don’t you load up your freakshow friends---“ Margo jerked her head towards India,” and get the hell out of here.”
Keely didn’t budge. “Make me.”

“Remember you said that when your crying for your mama McKay.”

No one moved.
This was about to get ugly.

“Afraid to take the first swing?” Margo taunted.

Casually Ginger said, “Keely? Can I offer a suggestion?”
“Kick her ass. I’ll bail you out.”

All hell broke loose.

I really liked this book. But Colt and Kade still hold my heart!
All the McKay women rallying together for the "Cowgirls night out." I loved it!
I really wanted to like Cam since he came back, but I was really struggling too. He was just such an ass most times..
Domini was beautiful, so sweet and seemed innocent.
But together? I loved them! He was a better person with her (most of the time) and she was whole with him. Those sweet emotional scenes? omg! I was an emotional wreck most of the time through this book...
and all the McKay Men finally saying their piece to Cam... As well as Mama Bear Caro. Just like a real family <3
But wow... How many kids are there now? I can't keep up! Like 9/10?
I did really like how the whole family was in this book, including Ky and Gib etc with actual speaking parts not just being shuffled around. (I laugh at the Transformers part!)

Nadia annoyed me in this book, why would she go back to him?! and I felt so sorry for Anton, I'm glad Cam finally gave him a go.
I didn't like the quick convenient marriage. It just didn’t sit right with me, but I did love how every had a small part in it.
and don't get me started on the STUPID Threesome... Why Sweet baby Jesus Why would you put that in there?

1 thing I do really want to know though.
What did Keely do at Colt and Indy's wedding?!

Onto to the next one....
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Kellie Maddox-Ward My Kobo just turned off right in the middle of the big conversation of why Domini has never seen Cam naked!! I'm stuck at work... With no charger.. Oh man!!

Karla Great review Kellie! YAY Keely and Jack are book in the series, IMO!!

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