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Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison
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Feb 26, 12

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I sometimes like to imagine my brain as a giant on/off lever and enjoy throwing the switch to "off" on occasion. Which is typically when I used to reach for paranormal fiction. But most of it is pure crap. Since Laurell K. Hamilton got hit with the icky porn stick and the Bon Temps are not roulez-ing much anymore in Charlaine Harris's Sookie series, pretty much all I've got left is Kim Harrison and Richelle Mead. I think I need to expand my universe.

Look, I like Kim Harrison's Hollows series but the magic (no pun intended) is fading for me. This book is the eighth in the series. For starters, it's almost 500 pages. Which isn't a problem if the story has places to go but here it just circles the drain for the first 200 pages and I couldn't push any farther. Rachel is in trouble again, this time with the governing body of witches who plan to either lobotomize her or steal her eggs to make little demon/witch babies (if you haven't followed the series up to this point, all this will sound like gibberish.) Rachel gets kidnapped. Rachel gets rescued. Rachel gets into an argument with Pierce, Jenks and/or Ivy. Her no good ex Nick shows up. More arguing. Rachel gets attacked again. More arguments. Trent Kalamack pops up. Fights, death threats, arguments. Rinse and repeat. And repeat. The pattern is more onerous because it's basically the same argument over and over:

Rachel: I can take care of myself.
Pierce: No you can't Rachel. I love you. I would die for you.
Ivy: No, I will.
Nick: No, me.
Rachel: Kisten is the only man I'll ever love. Let's reconvene and have this argument again in 50 pages.
Jenks: Something something Tink's panties.

If there is one thing recreational fiction shouldn't be, it's a chore. And it belatedly occurred to me after I picked this up that I had to skim through some of the last book (White Witch, Black Curse) as well. I realize that it sounds like I'm doing a hatchet job on Kim Harrison and I don't intend to. I have a lot of affection for her and this series and by stopping here for the indefinite future, I can keep it that way. Maybe this series has fallen into that common past book #5 malaise. Maybe I've grown tired of it. Maybe--probably--both.
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Grace I have to read this for a teacher book review. I must say, you've summed up my feelings nicely so far. I've not read the rest of this series, but from reading what others have to say, I'm going to guess I won't like it. It sounds... redundant and whiny by this point in the series.

message 2: by Vanessa (new) - added it

Vanessa The first few books in the series are fun, kind of mindless entertainment. I did like those. It's hard to keep things like this going without sucking the well dry which is what happened for the last two books that I read.

Grace I got through the entire book. The last 150 pages or so were a bit of a drag to get through. It was fun up until then, but sorta dragged through the end, and finished relatively happy. If you finish it some day, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised.

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Vanessa Good to know. If I pick it up again, I may just skip to the last 100 pages.

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