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Feb 19, 2012

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Read in December, 2013

The strong do what they can. The weak suffer what they must.

a zombie book that takes place on the appalachian trail with survivalist elements?? ummmm - YES!! but even though i didn't win this through the firstreads program (grrrr) and it seemed to be unavailable anywhere for the longest time, i finally got my hands on a copy. talk about survivalist skills! i survived long enough to read it, and i am so glad, because it is all the things i love.

1) appalachia:

The Appalachians is a part of the world no one really understands. It's a hard place to live. It is cold, isolated, and requires effort. You really have to love the place to live there. But you can't go there hoping to find something inside you. It's a place you go when you know that something is already there.

it is one of my favorite book-locations, full of tough, enduring people, who utter stoic expressions such as

"What you want ain't what you're gonna get. Now you have to want something else."

2) badass protagonist who is hiking the appalachian trail after he loses his job working for the major meat inc and says things like:

-But the Appalachian Trail is an inspiring thing. Two thousand miles of the hardest terrain, isolated from single conveniences…I was happy to see the winter. Happy to wake to snow and frost, to shit in the woods, to go without. To carry a knife and rations and sleep on hard ground.

-I slept naked, but not without my hunting knife.

-When your body burns and wants to stop, you tell it to shut up and you press on.

3) zommmmmbies!

so - three great reasons to read this book. our badass, jack, has been hiking the trail for about a month when he runs into something unexpected. and even the terminally badass can be afraid of a ZOMBIE BEAR!!

and he manages to do what needs to be done, naturally, but the experience leaves an impression on him.

I'll tell you again. There wasn't much I was afraid of. I was thirty, seasoned and all-knowing. After that night, I was just thirty.

after the bear episode, jack meets up with some people and learns that while he has been sleeping naked in the snow and killing vicious bears, there has been a zombie epidemic, resulting from tainted meat from the very same company from which he was fired.

and from then on, it is all zombie action and bloodshed. jack will be forced to kill people and animals, run from vigilantes, escape compounds of the infected, and while readers will learn about what not to do when it comes to bear traps, jack himself might learn a little… about loooove. but tough love. because, rarrrr.

it's very good. a fast-paced and very practical zombie story with a few surprises along the way. also, a tree saw.

good, bloody, tough stuff.

who needs you, anyway, firstreads?
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message 1: by Mariel (new)

Mariel Win! Win! Win! We don't tolerate losers in this family.

karen oh, man. looks like i gotta find a new family. i have been a loser for ages.

message 3: by Mariel (new)

Mariel I was being super cool and throwing you an emotive Emilio Estevez The Breakfast Club monologue.

karen oh hah!! yayyy! if the ball was in my court, i would be so inspired! but i am not in charge of my destiny!

message 5: by Mariel (new)

Mariel That's where a dance scene in the library comes in.

karen oh, i will challenge any contenders to a dance-off in front of the keepers of the firstreads program.

bring on the music!

message 7: by Matt (new)

Matt Lawson If Firstreads are in-fact open to a dance-off caper, in an attempt to make their selection criterea a lil' less random and a lil' more entertaining, I'll compete in your challenge. But be aware; I have this routine involving moves, somewhat similar, to that of Kevin Bacon from 'Footloose', with a touch of Travolta in 'Pulp Fiction' - whilst dressed like Swayze from 'Dirty Dancing', using the GIANT piano from 'Big' as my dance-floor. Yeh-heh, impressive, I know! ;)

karen pff - you think you scare me? i got the dark new wave moves in spades, baby....


get ready for the hurt, baby...

message 9: by Matt (new)

Matt Lawson Hmmm, not bad. I predict you would secure 2nd place quite comfortably. C'mon, we're talkin' Swayze here...Swayze.

karen ash, but you couldn't see me bopping around my apartment during that song.... nobody puts me in the corner etc etc

message 11: by Matt (new)

Matt Lawson Well, I could. Though it really wouldn't have the same effect unless you at-least introduce some props into the routine. Possibly a couple of those fuck-off-sized eggs those Asian children are using as a slalom track?

See I've got my props covered - I'm rocking the novelty-sized piano from 'Big'! However, transportation is obviously going to be quite the issue...

karen oh, i get mad props...


message 14: by Matt (last edited Feb 25, 2012 11:14PM) (new)

Matt Lawson I'm quite confident Charlie Chaplin would argue that point!...Silently.

karen if you had said ninjas, i would concede. but i could totally take charlie chaplin.

shit, this contest ends in 2 days. i don't have long to bribe the firstreads panel.

message 16: by Matt (new)

Matt Lawson Well, I'm lead to believe Charlie Chaplin was a pernicious savage with that cane. The extended version of 'The Boy' showcases immense brutality and graceful canemanship...So I've been told.

karen you cane't scare me...

message 18: by Matt (new)

Matt Lawson I'm sure your opinion would differ if they released some of his later, less talked-about work to film; 'The CANE Mutiny', 'Raising CANE', 'The HurriCANE' and his best show of canemanship to-date: 'The CANE of Monte Cristo'.

karen jeebus!! #1 - i never got a notification for your last comment, and #2 - i lost!! again!!!

firstreads hates me so much.

message 20: by Matt (new)

Matt Lawson Oh, well, maybe they 'caught-wind' of this thread and perceived our witty, yet somewhat violent, somewhat clever, somewhat enthralling scenarios and die-hardiness as premature overzealousness and were intimidated at what may come of any feedback in the form of a review...

I guess we will have to do it the 'old fashion' way and obtain it via more conventional means. Shame, I rather enjoyed the prospect of receiving something promising at somebody else's expense.

karen on the internet, zombies are afraid of us...

still - i am sick of being lucci'd!! gimmie books, please!

karen so how can i get this??? universe???

Shelby *trains flying monkeys* Oh gawd so want this book! It combines lots of my favorite things.

message 24: by Chris (new)

Chris Zombie Teddy needs some help...


There...now Zombie Teddy is all better again.

message 25: by Erin (new)

Erin I must live in a different part of the Appalachians. I say "I'm hungry." a lot.

karen Chris wrote: "Zombie Teddy needs some help...


There...now Zombie Teddy is all better again."


message 27: by Erica (new)

Erica The dude slept naked in the snow with nothing but a knife? That guy is totally badass. And probably too frozen for zombies to successfully eat.

You know what?? When Gabe and I played World of Warcraft - no, just sit back down and listen, this isn't going to take that long - we tamed zombie bears and had them as pets. We named them Teddy Scare and Deaddy Bear. They were really cute. And gross. and now I know they came from the Appalachian Trail.

karen you would be unstoppable with a zombie bear. i fear you.

message 29: by Erica (new)

Erica I know, right? I wish I could have transferred the zombie bears from inside my computer to out in my yard. Evie's nemeses, The Yuckoons, would not stand a chance.

karen did you see bob's burgers last night??? there was wonderful yuckoon action

message 31: by Erica (new)

Erica No...we only got internet. Not TV. But we DO have NetFlix, now, so we can watch it when it shows up there!
Evie will hate that episode. The Yuckoons, they mock her. She hates them.


fucking capslock

message 33: by Erica (new)

Erica We have three more things to collect and then we will have a box of things to send to you. I will ask Evie to put The Yuckoons into the box, as well, and she will be happy to oblige.
And then you can have tiny, muddy handprints on your things!
I'm not sure Maggie is going to like this much.

karen maggie will just have to learn how to share. and duck.

message 35: by Erica (new)

Erica And be mocked.
Poor Maggie. Evie had hoped they could become penpals but now I fear Maggie will bear Evie some resentment.

karen she resents all other cats.

message 37: by mark (new) - added it

mark monday I don't know why but sleeping nude was brought up in a lot of books I read last year, sometimes out of the blue. motif! I need to add this book and read it soon. although not because of that but because of the zombies. I'm still not tired of them, probably never will be. Happy New Year karen!

karen sleeping nude right now would make me very blue indeed. enjoy your left coast warmth!

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