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Lacrimosa by Christine Fonseca
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Feb 19, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: fallen-angels
Read from June 30 to July 02, 2012

What would you do if you were a warrior angel and your sole mission in life was to destroy evil and then the unthinkable happens, you hesitate due to your emotions. Nesy is a 500 year old angel posing as a human teenager to lure in the unholy one, a fallen angel who feeds off the souls of humans. She is not supposed to have these emotions but her human host does and Nesy is feeling conflicted about killing Ayden her chosen target. This has never happened before and Nesy is this strong, independent angel who wanted to be a Sentinel and protect humanity. She is feeling pressured from the Council to act and her mentor Mikayel expects, no demands her obedience in regard to this matter and does not understand her reluctance to complete the mission. Confused by her emotions, Nesy soon discovers that there is a very good reason for her feeling this way, Ayden is her one true love (Adam) who deserted her when she was mortal and she now knows the truth of his existence. How do you kill the only person you ever loved even if it is what you were trained to do? Ayden on the other hand is broken and tormented from losing the one woman in the world who meant everything to him and the guilt of losing her has led to his life of torment and punishment. Choosing revenge and retribution has led him on his path toward the "Dark One". Just to make Nesy's life that much harder, she also finds Lori after taking up high school to get close to Ayden to try and kill him. Lori is her much younger sister from a past life who is now a seer and in grave danger from Ayden and also the "Dark One" Azzaziel who also fell from grace and gave evil a whole new meaning. He wants to take over Celestium, make Mikayel pay for abandoning him and rule the world, don't they all. More than just a book on fallen angels, good versus evil and being action packed, ultimately this is a story of love, betrayal, sacrifice and redemption. In the end, regardless of who we are or where we come from, the two things that unite us all are love and hope. Many times throughout this book I was keeping my fingers and toes crossed for Ayden and Nesy hoping love would conquer all and that somehow they would win out even though it seemed impossible and unrealistic to wish for a happy ending. They were so flawed and human almost yet still drawn together as their love for each other filled the cracks and mended their broken hearts and souls. So refreshing to not read about another love triangle and also the support characters like Zane and Cassie were well fleshed out and likeable though Zane was a little bit demanding and argumentative at times but they come through in the end for Nesy and Ayden. A love story that transcended time and in the face of death and betrayal, they still chose each other. We can all identify with the hard choices they have to make and sympathise with their feelings of losing each other again. An inspirational book that left me reflecting on the those I love in my life and how truly grateful I am that I get the chance to tell them how much I love them every day. Who would want to live in a world without love or hope, not me that is for sure.
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