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A Beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies
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Feb 18, 2012

it was ok
Read in May, 2012 , read count: 1

So disappointed, Davies. I will say that the cover was the only thing I liked. Other that, the cardboard flat characters, and the Mary-Sue with the godly powers, who doesn't know how pretty and powerful she is, are one of the many problems with the book.

Let me start off by saying what is up with THE HUGE FONT SIZE! From the first page, the font size bothered me. It's HUGE! Two paragraphs didn't even fit the first page because the font was too big. Which leds me to another little thing that bothered me.

The chapters.

Were too short.

Literally nothing happened in so many chapters, just mundane ordinary things like eating out, shopping, or being followed by Devin or Asher. I almost skimmed chapters just to finish it, but the beautiful cover trapped me. So I read on..

Anyways, this book's plot was messy and everywhere. And there was no absolutely no characterzation, nothing, nada. The only emotion I felt for these characters were frustration, anger and rage.

One moment, after the next Skye managed to anger me. With her liking Devin one moment to hating him the next, then going to Asher and hating him, then going to Devin. One cycle that never ends throughout the book.

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Even the love triangle was lacking. The plotline had nothing going on, until the last chapters where everything revealed. Even then, Skye managed to anger me.

I will say this, the book reminded me of a manga I read not so long ago, where the heroine was stuck in a love triangle with cool and collected guy, and a wild and a rebel guy.

Which leads me to my next problem.


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I've read in so books and mangas the same plotline. A love triangle with polar opposite guys stuck between one special girl with unworldly powers. Please auhors, let's try to create some new and interesting ideas.

And stay away from love triangles. As for the ending, nope. Didn't like it one bit. I couldn't care less if Skye dies or Asher does. I didn't care one bit. I doubt I'll be reading the sequel.

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Two Stars.

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