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The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker
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Mar 06, 12

Read from February 23 to March 05, 2012

I stumble upon this book while pondering when and how I would perish, for good. The thought of death has passed through the majority of our minds, and in my case multiple times. I can honestly express I do have a slight fear of meeting Mr. Grimm. A hindrance of that nature can prevent us from accomplishments and even certain emotions. That’s were a bit of remedy comes in, The Denial of Death. Its argument is that it’s not a sexual repression that creates neurosis; it’s having a death anxiety that does. The book is not devoted to criticizing Freud and Rank, and often times Becker seems to admire them, it’s merely a rebuttal of some sorts. I’m not well read on Freud or his buddy Rank, so I can’t really say if I would or wouldn’t subscribed to their theories; although, I do enjoy a nicely timed Freudian Slip. Becker’s answer to death anxiety is to distract us from it by offering up three (3) solutions. There is a religious solution, where one creates a narrative, an afterlife where you continue when your existence expires. Then there is a romantic solution, finding a partner to escort you off the conveyer belt of death. Love songs suddenly have more worth than I once thought. Finally, the creative solution, creating something that transcends your own existence, embarking on tasks that can make one feel heroic, and therefore be a part of an entity that is eternal. In conclusion, I consider this book to be slightly out of my intelligence range, but I was able to grasp enough to approve of and value it. I see myself studying this manual again in the near future.

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