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Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger
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Apr 23, 2013

it was amazing
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Well. I'm quite baffled.

In the best way possible.

After a recent . . . incident, I guess you could say—coughInkbyAmandaSuncough—I was a little more careful when it came to having high hopes for books. I had high hopes for this when I first saw it but soon pushed those hopes away because I didn't want to get burned in the end. So I went into this hoping for the best and expecting the worst, and I ended up beaming from start to finish.

I guess I was kinda expecting this cheesy insta-love-fest of a book where its main concern is about the main characters' "epic forbidden love" or whatever, but that was so not what I got reading this. Far from it, actually.

The main thing that made this book as good as it was were the characters. Audra, for example, who I really really liked. She was tough, determined, and her head was always in the game. She always put her duties first. She said that she was physically and emotionally trained for the job of being Vane's guardian, and it showed. I also loved that she is a flawed heroine, too, like she can be selfish at times. But I felt for her during those times because she never got the chance to truly live her life, and I could tell she would love a break once in a while. I thought she was an awesome heroine, and I'd even say she's kickass. Especially nearing the end, I was like WHOA. This bitch is awesome.

Vane I also liked because I thought the author did a great job in making him such a teenage boy. He was a douchebag, but in the charming, likable kind of way. I liked when he got on Audra's nerves, which is pretty much most of the time, cause he's whiny and rebellious. But this also made them have great chemistry.

I guess some people would consider the romance insta-love, but I don't think so. I mean, they've technically known each other since they were little, and they spend most of the book together. I didn't roll my eyes when they said their "I love you's" at the end. Maybe it was because I like the two so much, I don't know. I will say that there were a lot of cheesy little scenes that had electric touch and all that, but they weren't that bad. And besides, the romance isn't the main focus of the plot, so yay for that.

The supernatural aspect was very interesting, but I know that the author's holding back on a lot of things, since this book is the first in a series after all. Be that as it may, I can definitely see her doing way more things with the world of this book, and I for one cannot wait, since the book ended very cliffhanger-y.

Speaking of, the ending was the point where I decided to give the book 5 stars instead of 4 or 4.5. It wasn't as epic as it could have been but again, first book, so I won't be too hard on it. It still was pretty climactic though, and by the end I found myself liking the characters even more.

Overall I thought this was an awesome start to a series, and I'd definitely recommend it to you guys if you wanna read a PNR YA that has awesome characters. There's still some cheesiness in there but hey, it's YA, what'd you expect?
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3.0% "(...) and an hour later I'm stuck with Hannah from Canada, who didn't even crack a smile when I pointed out the rhyme.

Probably because "Hannah" and "Canada" don't really rhyme all that much? o_o I can definitely see why this guy doesn't have much luck with the ladies."
16.0% "This is pretty entertaining." 1 comment
23.0% "This is what my father died for? What I'm supposed to surrender my life for? This bratty, ungrateful boy I can hear trudging through the sand, taking his sweet time to frustrate me?
I'm done playing nice.

I love this chick! xD I hope she stays this way."
33.0% "I'm really happy with this so far. :D It's exceeding my expectations."
54.0% "My only problem so far are the little scenes where there's some electric touch and cheesy lines involved, but even that's just nitpicking.

Other than that though all I can say is YES, honey! :D" 2 comments
61.0% "I turn away, tempted to punch the glass. I'm in the greatest danger of my life, and I'm playing with my hair and wondering if the boy I can't have—and refuse to let myself want—thinks I'm pretty. It's time to get ahold of myself—now. THAT's the spirit, Ms. Thing! :D" 3 comments
95.0% "Holy. Shit."
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Lily Reading this one now. Still on Chp 10, but so far I am liking it. Enjoyed your review!

Hayley Hall Super good review! Excited!

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