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The Moon Under Her Feet by Clysta Kinstler
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Jul 22, 2008

I feel very conflicted about this book. I was struck by Kinstler's vision of the Jesus story and her creation of Goddess culture 2,000 years ago but I was offended by the anti-antisemitism in her writing. While everyone in the book is Jewish, the good Jews have Roman blood, red or light hair, pink bottoms and light skin and eyes while the 'bad' Jews (Herod and his people) are 'swarthy', 'hooked nosed' with 'dark ringlet hair'. Jesus and Mary Magdalene were most likely olive skinned with dark hair! Not European looking. And to divide people this way is to tap into unconscious or conscious hatred. I wish this fabulous story were not tainted by such blatant modern bigotry.

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