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The Darkest Seduction by Gena Showalter
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Jul 16, 2014

really liked it
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Read in March, 2012

4.5 stars

this book had a slow start for me, but it picked up on the way. Paris and Sienna's story started a while ago, so my expectations were high, and I liked it a lot. I even liked the slew of other stories and much is resolved here. If you want to see the major parts of the story, read on...

Mimi's DS shopping list

1. Paris and Sienna I had a problem with them at first, with their constant yearning for each other, after a few days' worth of quality time, most of it spent hating/lusting/trying to kill each other, so that was hard for me to believe. HOWEVER, later on I got a feel of them as a couple and I was sold. That initial fall from 'believe it' pile, deduced the half star. Still, CHECK

2. Cronus, Rhea and the Hunters. Yes, people, the big battle has occurred and we escaped unscathed (by we, I mean the lords, of course). Basically everything is solved here,the prophecy, the battling gods, Sienna's role in it all. And it was a satisfying solution and a bloody battle *grin*. Everyone who is everyone was there, fighting. Even *gasp* the angels. CHECK

3. Galen. You might've noticed I didn't mention Galen as being solved. That's 'cause he hasn't been yet. His and Legion's story is coming soon, I think. His or Kane's is next IMHO.

4. William. Ah, Willy, I enjoyed seeing you and your conditioner. We get even more glimpses of his powers and history but nothing concrete. So, one one hand, it's not solved, but I loved him here, so...CHECK

5. Introduction of new characters. On one hand this was annoying, since these Lords just keep popping up, but I'll deal. Was unnecessary in this book that already has so many storylines. We see the Lord of Narcissism, Indifference, Selfishness and...something else. I forgot. HOWEVER, we also got to meet Hades, who looks like he'll ROCK and he has a mysterious connection to Will.CHECK

6. Appearance of old characters. Of course, we got to see our beloved characters again. And Ashlyn FINALLY has her babies. Just when you expect it to go on and on, and that demon babies are like elephants. CHECK

7. Introduction of a new series. While reading this book I was confused by Zachariel's constant appearances. I like him, but for a relatively new character he was getting a lot of page time. However, upon reading about a new series Angels of the Dark, about tattooed, bad boy angels, it became clear we were being sucked in. I don't mind *grin*. The first book is coming out in June Wicked Nights.CHECK

To conclude- I liked this book a lot and can't wait for the next book(s). Wish William gets his book soon. Alas, I don't think it's in the stars.


I believe you suffer from what the humans call ADD.”
“Oh, yeah. I definitely have attention deficient demon.”

"Gideon and Scarlet were snuggled together, talking. And a stranger conversation Sienna had never heard.
“I hate you.”
“I hate you more.”
“I hate you most.”
Moving on."

"William clapped to gain everyone’s attention. “All right, listen up. I’ve got good news and bad news. Because I’m such a positive person, we’ll start with the good. Ashlyn survived the birthing, and so did her personal horde.”
The hallway echoed with breathy sighs of relief…none louder than Maddox’s own.
“So what’s the bad?” someone demanded.
After a dramatic pause, the warrior said, “I’m out of conditioner. I need someone to flash out of here and get me some. Hint, I’m looking at you, Lucien. And, yeah, you’re welcome for my amazing contrib to your happy family. Little terrors clawed me up but good.”
“William!” someone else snapped. “Stay on track, and keep the unnecessary details to a minimum. We’re dying here.”
“That’s gratitude for you. So anyway, come on, come in, and meet your nephew and niece, Murder and Mayhem. Or, if you want to call them by their nicknames, and I’m sure you will the moment they get their mitts on you, Pistol and Shank.”

BTW, I wanted to put those little check signs, next to the items, but was unable to produce them. Still, I think I got my point across :D
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Marina Good review Mimi!!! I have the book already on my kindle but i was reluctant to start but as from tomorow I will be reading it.
Love the quotes Gideon-hate (hilarious) and the babies actualy are named Murder and Mayhem????? Love it!!!!

 Lady Jayne *~*The Beach Bandida*~* Great review, Mimi! Love your checklist format. I need to catch up with this series!

Mimi Smith Marina wrote: "Good review Mimi!!! I have the book already on my kindle but i was reluctant to start but as from tomorow I will be reading it.
Love the quotes Gideon-hate (hilarious) and the babies actualy are ..."

Thanks Marina! It is a great book :).
And no, the babies aren't actually named Murder and Mayhem(that's William's nicknames-there are many), but Ever and Urban, lol.

Mimi Smith Thanks Baba and Jayne! Jayne, you should catch up on the series. This wasn't the best book in the series so far, but it is good, and it felt as if a part of the series is concluded with Hunters and the Titans and all.

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