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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
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Feb 18, 12

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Read in February, 2012

It's an interesting tale of a young boy, his dreams, imaginations and adventures out in the real world. Though in first reading it may seem like a story written for young audience, but when read again, the reader begins to see "Tom Sawyer" bury within his/her own past. There were times when we dreamt to be a pirate or a robber to prove our identity within our folks. We used to play weird games which sometimes were "by the book". We had our own superstitions and gave advice and mantras to the friends. That is Tom Sawyer.

The story begins centered with a little boy, probably 10-12 years old. He tricks his friends to whitewash his Aunt Polly's fence. Though average at school, he was intelligent enough to present the act of whitewash as an art which requires great dexterity, and took payment in terms of marbles, apples, fish hook etc from his friends to let them whitewash.

Tom was an orphan and used to live with Aunt Polly's with his sister and half brother. He used to annoy his aunt, and was wise enough to run away before she could be angry on him. His siblings were quite mature and wise.

Mark Twain has indirectly commented on economic condition of 1800's american villages. The boy has only two pair of clothes. Huckleberry Finn doesn't go to school.

The real story begins when Tom induces Huck to bury a dead cat to spell away warts. When they're in the graveyard, they witness a murder and swear not to tell it to anyone. But later, Tom being too sane, decides to present himself as a witness against Injun Joe in the court.

Meanwhile, other part of him makes his friends become pirates and run away to an island. When they couldn't be found, they are declared dead and the whole village mourns for them. Suddenly they reappear and become heroes. They are busy telling their adventures to the friends.

Tom and Huck, two great friends set out to look for the treasures hidden around the town and find a box filled with gold in Injun Joe's posession.

The story goes forward because of a new girl in the town - Becky Thacher. She takes all her friends to a picnic where she becomes lost in a cave with Tom, who loves her. While finding his way out, he finds Injun Joe hidden there, with all the treasures he wanted to run away with.

When Tom returns to the town, he tells Joe's hideout to everyone. Joe is found dead and later Tom and Huck take the treasure out.

Tom and Huck are now heroes of the town. They have proved their bravery. They've also become rich.

But as it is always said, "Money never pleases a sane soul". Tom and Huck set out again in their journey to become pirates.


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