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Brisingr by Christopher Paolini
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Jul 22, 2008

liked it
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Recommended for: Those who have read and liked the first 2 Eragon boooks
Read in October, 2008 , read count: 1

I was so excited for this book to come out, and I was fully expecting to be able to give it a glowing 5 stars "it was amazing" kind of endorsement without question seeing as his first 2 books where very good and consequently received 5 star ratings from me.
Sadly I cannot do so and it's killing me to admit that because I have even thought about giving it 4 stars that's a "really liked it" rating but I feel that doing so would be a little too generous of me.
There is allot of great action parts in this book and it jumps straight into it with Eragon and his cousin Roran attacking the Razac to save Katrina (the girl Roran is engaged to) and to avenge the death of Eragon's uncle and Rorans's father Gerro.
After that thrilling and action packed start there is just allot of sitting around and chatting some of it is very important stuff that you need to pay attention to but the part I hated most is when Eragon visits the dwarfs to see how they are going to choose a new king it dragged on for ever and even Eragon is thinking you've got to be kidding me I have other things to do and the Varden need me as soon as possible and we can't waste time here with the lengthy election process.
I am however very glad that Paolini did not keep going on and on with the Eragon Areaya love story that was in the last book it was annoying and never made much sense to me (see my "Eldest" review for the details).
My favorite part is when Eragon is attacked by some dwarfs all the action packed parts are very well done but I really liked that one best.
Near the end of the book I was hoping for something more during the last battle because Paolini does a good job of smoothly transitioning from Eragon's perspective to Roran's and even did a few chapters from Saphira's perspective which where intriguing and nicely done without breaking the flow of the story, but I was hoping to hear about what Roran did in the last battle of the book but alas it was not to be as Paolini stuck with Eragon's perspective of the final battle of the book which was ok it's just I wanted to see it from Roran's point of view too.
Something else that kind of bugged me but is I believe kind of irrelevant to my main review is that Eragon keeps hammering the choice that he made in the last book "Eldest" that is his belief in not eating animals because he says that "Eating one would be akin to eating himself" -from Eldest
AAAAAAHHHH every-time that is brought up I feel like I am being preached to it I just want to enjoy a good story for the love of Pete!
There are some pretty funny characters too Angela the witch and Saphira made me chuckle a few times and that made the adventure very fun :).
There where many times when I'm thinking that Paolini is just writing stuff just to be writing stuff and filling pages just for the heck of it. The last battle in the book stands out as a great illustration of that it was very hastily done and could have been better if he'd have taken a little more time to polish it up.
Despite the flaws in this book I still liked it (hence the 3 star rating) and I think if you have read the other Eragon books you WILL like it and find it to be a most excellent use of your lassoer reading time.
Also I love the Eragon audiobooks the narrator is one of my favorites, He is almost as cool as Jim Dale. Very well done he's got allot of talent and I look forward to hearing his reading of the fourth and final book in the inheritance cycle.


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Steven Hummer This comes out September 20th I can't wait I'm very excited!

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