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Eragon by Christopher Paolini
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May 22, 12

really liked it
bookshelves: 4th-quarter

I thought Eragon was a very good and interesting book, if a bit slow at times.
In the book, a farm boy named Eragon who lives with his uncle and cousin Roran finds a mysterious blue stone in the woods, and brings it home out of curiosity. Over the course of the next few months, it is discovered that the stone is not really a stone, but rather an egg. A dragon egg. From the egg hatches Saphira, who wins over Eragon's heart and proves that he is destined to be her rider. Again, months pass until Saphira is nearly full grown, and then the Ra'zac arrive. They completely trash Eragon's village and kill his uncle, so naturally he does the smart thing and takes off with the village storyteller Brom with no explanation whatsoever. Together, Eragon, Brom, and Saphira travel the land, learning and experiencing new things in their search for revenge on the Ra'zac. They finally find the Ra'zac and attempt to attack them, but are beaten really badly so they are left dying on a roadside. Then a stranger named Murtagh magically arrives and saves the day. Murtagh saves them and attempts to nurse them back to health, but sadly, Brom dies anyway. Murtagh then becomes Eragon's new traveling companion. Once again, they track the Ra'zac to some random city, where they encounter an Elf named Arya who is being held prisoner. Being the very gallant gentleman that he is, Eragon attempts to save her and ends up being imprisoned. Murtagh manages to save them both, but Arya is in a coma, so they have to hightail it to the Varden, a rebel group who resists the Emperor. when they finally get there, Arya is taken into hospitality and Eragon is placed before Kind Ajihad, where he explains who and what he is. Then, random monsters called Urgals attack and take away Murtagh. Arya and Saphira save Eragon when once again he attempts to take on a task too big for him, this time, killing a Shade. The story ends with Ajihad dead and Murtagh gone.

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