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Throne of the Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed
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Feb 16, 2012

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I am going to go ahead and admit that this book did not live up to my expectations, but that is more on ignorance from me going into it. I was expecting something different, a unique setting coming from a different perspective from most fantasy.

What I got was a fairly run of the mill, though very tightly written, fantasy book that was enjoyable, but didn't rock my world or challenge my way of thinking.

The Good? For one thing, more fantasy authors need to take a page from Ahmed on the book length. This was a quick read, never slogged, didn't have pages upon pages of descriptions, and yet never felt rushed either. Just like a groan if I see a movie is two hours long these days, I enjoy these quick reads sometimes.

I also loved the main character. An elderly, overweight vulgar man with a heart of gold. He did not have hidden depths, but that was ok for this story. I still felt his pain when he lost something important, knew he cared for those under his care, and believed that while he had regrets, they were not from past evils, only normal human choices.

I also enjoyed the lighter tone. Lord knows I have read my share of GRIMDARK, and the prologue gave the impression that this may be one of them. But while this wasn't a kids story, Ahmed wasn't one to dwell on the blood and violence.

There were some enjoyable secondary characters as well, a husband/wife team that help out being the best.

The Bad? For one the world building. Not much there at all. Part of that allows for the quick pace I enjoyed, but perhaps it was taken too far. The magic system seems completely made up, is it based on faith or something separate? Does it have limitations or is it unlimited in use? Who knows, certainly not the reader after it ends.

I also did not enjoy the two "sidekicks," for lack of better word. The main characters apprentice could have been interesting, torn between his faith and the world that is actually in front of him. But it never really clicked, and I never really felt his tension(to see this aspect work better, read God's War by Hurley). The main female protagonist is only a set piece. She gets rescued, does a rescue, and follows around the hero, and has a very minor love side story.

That may seem like a lot of bad , but I really did enjoy this book. It is my fault, I was hoping for the NEXT GREAT DEBUT from a fantasy author, and instead got a enjoyable but fairly forgettable read.
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