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Hit List by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Feb 16, 2012

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Anita and Edward must solve murders that they know the Harlequin are committing, but they cannot tell the police otherwise the Harlequin will kill them and anyone they tell. Not to mention that the Mother of All Darkness is still trying to capture Anita and take over her body.

This book was promising and not at the same time. Most long term fans of the series will agree that everything went down hill after Obsidian Butterfly. Not so coincidentally the book after Obsidian Butterfly debuted the ardeur, the ability and need to feed on sex. Now I agree Hamilton went overboard on sex. There were several novels that were far more erotic sex than even most romance I have read. It was too much sex and it overwhelmed the action and plot.

Now she is finally cutting back! I think there were at most only two sex scenes in this entire novel, though sexuality still played a large part; the sex scenes were very small and downplayed (and not really even explicit). The downside is that the plot was still mostly missing. Instead of filling in the gap with more plot, she filled it with analyzing the feelings and actions of all the characters.

Now don't get me wrong, I am a pretty metro' guy and I enjoy talking about feelings and psychology but there is a limit. This book felt about 80-90% with talking and analyzing character's actions. To be honest, I think Anita's biggest flaws in the earlier books is that she does not really seem to grow as a character. She gets in bad situations and gets more powerful, but she seems like a static, but round, character. So I like seeing her mature in the last couple books, but I don't need every action explained. Can't a character parallel park or just nod without the need to discuss and explain why. That being said, I really like Anita's character. I really want this series to mature and be better than it was.

This book needed to be 100+ pages longer with plot and then it would bring back a lot of her fans. Oh and can we start having more normal (less godlike) enemies? Seriously, its starting to become like DBZ.

Overall, I found the novel promising but still lacking.

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