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Birthmarked by Caragh M. O'Brien
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Feb 16, 2012

it was ok
Read from February 16 to 27, 2012

it was just ok. I was pretty under impressed. The writing style, the story, the characters were trying too hard to be an award winning book. It seemed like she took every brilliant YA book idea and tried to write a new book without any new thought. I never saw the "Heroin" as a heroin. There is nothing smart about her other than she is a midwife at 16. The "thrilling' scene I skipped. The romantic scene: I cringed. The drama: flat and not enticing. I don't really understand the society and the real problem. I could go on and on.

For example the main evil Buergermeister-Meisterbuerger said sentences like: "You have no idea how valuable you are and the information you hold." and then you're eager to find out why they need information. But you never get a good enough reason for such an enticing statement. The author tried to explain to the reader in 1 sentence that she grew up with riddles (taught by her father.) and then suddenly it's the key to solve the problem of the whole civilization. I am sorry but I don't buy it. The DaVinci code wrote beautifully about the girl's love for riddles and her grandfather's games to teach her secret codes. But not here. He taught her the ABC backwards? That's what makes her so valuable that everyone around her gets killed?

the birthing scenes are too weird. Either you make it horrid and graphic (memorable/ unique) or you explain it simple/ beautifully/ relateable/ romantic. But this read more like a blogger's birthing story. Not very philosophical and more medically, which equals= gross and unconformable.

There is a cliff hanger and there is a second book but I can't see the author or the heroin, Gaia, getting any better.

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