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Love in the Afternoon by Lisa Kleypas
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Feb 16, 2012

it was amazing
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My heart is broken that this is the end of the series, but wow what a beautiful way to wrap it all up! Beatrix is such a distinctive character that's been featured in the last five books, but this novel really turns her from a character to a person. What I mean by that is I used to think of her as a free-spritied, wild child with frogs in her pocket and leaves in her hair in a grass stained prairie dress. And that image would have been quite accurate, but we're never really told anything about her inner most thoughts and desires, until this novel. As someone who hates the outdoors, screams at bugs, and avoids hyperactive squirrels in the park, I never thought I'd be able to identify with a tomboy like Beatrix. But she has so many attributes that were never revealed, or perhaps, undeveloped, before we see her at 22.

This novel reminds me of Poppy's in an abstract way... Poppy's story was unique in that it took place away from the rest of the family and was centered on her life at the hotel. The other family was mentioned quite a bit, but it separated her from the lot while she experienced her relationship with Harry. Likewise, here Beatrix is the adult unmarried sister who spends most of hr time wandering the outdoors alone and develops her relationship to Christopher in places and circumstances separate from her family's realm. I like this since we've already learned so much about the Hathatways, it's nice exploring new families and places.

Also, the relationship is very intense both emotionally and physically. The way they build their love up through letter alone is so incredibly romantic-- and I'm not usually one for 'sappy' gestures. But they don't even intend to write love letters, they just write- well, any and everything- and we're gradually led down the same path to love right along with them.

Christopher's character is amazing. I've never read a soldier going through ptsd before, but the author handles it so well. His thoughts and experiences are described in a way that engages even a battle ignorant reader like me. And the characters introduced are so vivid and perfect for the plot that it makes me want to follow them further than just what we're given!

Though I loved Poppy and Harry's love story more than the others because of the underhanded, conniving beginning of their relationship and the intense and romantic end, THIS book may end up topping its place and becoming the final favorite! The love between Beatrix and Chris is so pure and true that it's what we all strive for as the core of any transcending love... and it's described so realistically and perfectly that there's no way to avoid taking this novel to heart. If you haven't already deduced, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this final book in the series!!!

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