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Academic Pursuits by Lou Harper
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Feb 16, 12

bookshelves: contemporary, m-m, romance
Read in February, 2012

I'm rather enjoying these Hot College Daze stories from Amber Allure and this one was no exception. It tells of super slutty student, Jamie, who's intelligent and hard working but also likes to set himself various targets for seducing straight guys. This is working well for him and as the story starts he's just about finished with his latest conquest, Hollins, and is moving onto the next. However, Jamie is having a little trouble shaking Hollins and his next conquest takes a surprising turn. Added to this is art student Roger who looks at Jamie like he's dirt, but manages to get under Jamie's skin, and a huge crush that Jamie has on his Russian Lit professor.

How much you like the story will depend on how much you like Jamie. He really is very slutty, and is totally unrepentant about it. If you're the sort of reader who likes the main romantic pairing to not sleep with anyone else during the course of the book then this may not be the story for you because Jamie sleeps with at least three other guys in this book. I found I rather liked Jamie. His cheerful and optimistic attitude was endearing and I liked that he didn't have any underlying psychological problems to his sleeping around. He just liked sex and wanted to share the love :). Seducing straight guys is just a bit of fun for him, but in the case of this book it also has very positive outcomes for all involved - some of which made me laugh and others which made me go awwww.

I also liked the relationship which Jamie has with his cousin/room-mate Jo. She's one of the best female friend characters I've read for a while. They liked each other's company, confided in each other and helped each other out. There was no unwanted advice or criticism given, and definitely no interfering - unless you count Jo's habit of bursting into Jamie's bedroom at inopportune moments, which I found funny rather than annoying, and Jamie offering fashion advice to a guy crushing on Jo (again this was a very amusing scene).

The story as a whole has a great lighthearted and fun feel to it and I read the story quickly, keen to find out who Jamie was going to end up with. Despite all the sex, the story is also very romantic as we are shown several different types of romances involving the people that Jamie comes into contact with during the book.

Any niggles I have about the story relate to the end. It was just a little too abrupt. Ten-fifteen pages towards the end, Jamie still hadn't managed to get together with the guy he ends up with. Then it happens and the book is over. I was a little disappointed that Jamie spends more time with other men in the story than he does with the guy he sails off with into a HFN. I needed to see more of them together to be happy and if I'm honest, I felt cheated a little at the end.

Don't let the ending out you off though because this was still a great book. If you're looking for an amusing and lighthearted story with a witty and likable hero, then you can't really go wrong with this story.
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Chris See, if you'd read and reviewed this one before me, my entire review could just have been "What Jen said." :D

Jenre LOL, Chris. I'm glad we agreed :).

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