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The Fine Art of Truth or Dare by Melissa Jensen
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Feb 16, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: young-adult, contemporary
Read on March 01, 2012

So, I've been waiting to read this book, well, since I saw it floating around blogs and GR, it sounded like it might be a good one, they did mention Anna and the French Kiss meets something else I haven't read, and blessed him/her who wrote the synopsis, he/she has no clue whatsoever how to compare books, because AatFK rocked, and TFAoToD SUCKED!

Truth : I felt cheated, I was expecting a lot of fun truths and dares.

Hey! Don't judge me! I loved playing truth or dare!!

Why I think this books sucked:
1. Ella.
Yes, I think the number one reason I hated this book was because of her, I think if you take Ella of the book, you'd have a winner. She's someone who -in a million trillion years- I wouldn't be caught dead with, she's boring, boring... and yes BORING! And she talks to dead people. No no, not ghosts, not spirits, not even zombies, she talks to this dead artist, like, TALKS to him, in my standards, if you're not in paranormal /fantasy novel, it's never a good sign if you talk to dead people.

2. The flat eventless encounters with Ella and Alex.
That says it all. There was nothing that drew me to like the "romance". The shared a lemon soda and watched Jurassic Park in french **** is that the part which is suppose to be similar to AntFK??*** Bo ho! I had more romance with a guy I went out once who talked about his mother 90% of the time, seriously! YA authors, learn to romance PLEASE!

3. The writing.
I found myself skipping pages at the second half of the book, not that the first half was better, but I was hopeful it would get better, at some point, I was hoping someone would kill someone so I won't have to, that surely had to spice things up!

4. Ella.
Yes I know I mentioned her, but I hated her so much that I had to list her again.

5. Alex
I hated the major characters of the book, isn't that sad! The main reason I hated Alex was, that after a few weeks of "hiding" Ella from the school and his friends, she shows him her scar, ** and this is the only time I felt anything but hate for Ella** his response was and I quote

“I don’t even know what okay would mean,” he said. “‘Okay.’ We’ve never been okay. We’ve been kinda scrambling for it. I mean . . . crap . . . Thank you. For showing me. I know it cost you something. But Jesus, Ella, I really don’t want to feel like I have to constantly be reassuring you of things you should know for yourself. It’s exhausting and takes all the . . . I don’t know . . . satisfaction . . . out of saying what I feel.”

Oh yeah, he's prince charming alright. Yes I get that they're only 17 and shit, but this is a girl who hid her scar from the world, it took herself confidence, made her shy, and she found it in herself to finally show that scar to some, he goes like "uh! um, I can't keep reassuring you it doesn't bother me, I've been doing it for three weeks for god sake!" Yeah, Alex, you're "the man"!

There were some things that saved this book from getting a 1 star, or going to my less-than-one-star shelf, Frankie is one of them, I wanted to read more about him. Ella's family is another, I guess each deserved a star for being in the book, I felt sorry for them.

Two stars in my book, means I get to use this book for future sarcastic remark, and that's what I'm gonna do!
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