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Much Ado About Rogues by Kasey Michaels
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I did not finish reading this book. This is a DNF review. If you're not interested in knowing exactly why I flounced, I suggest you move on.

Going in, I knew not to expect historical accuracy from this author. As much as I enjoyed A Midsummer Night's Sin that was mostly due to the humour of it and the lightness of the story. Unfortunately that same touch didn't work so well with this one.

Black Jack Blackthorn that was the author's second great love in A Midsummer Night's Sin turns out to be a bastard in the derogatory sense of the word. Yes, he too is born out of wedlock but when he forces a kiss on his lost love Tess he crosses a line between a charming devil and unattractive miscreant. I guess, the scene might have been meant to be a sexy one, but the writing wasn't there to support it. It's not simply a question of what was done, it's about how it was done, and the answer here is poorly.

The heroine of this book, Tess, is another time-traveller from the future. She's introduced wearing her brother's clothes and searching for clues only thieves know to look for. True, her upbringing wasn't the traditional kind or appropriate for the age, but that would make her an interesting and a memorable character, if I could find it in myself to respect her.

She matches Black Jack in her inability to piece together the most simplest clues, and she turns out to be a bad mother. Not that that's a character fault I can't overlook when it's handled appropriately, but I'm supposed to believe she in fact is a good mother who puts her child first when there's nothing to support this claim. Fearing she might lose the child she hid from his father for four years, she insists they take the toddler with them into Town while the hunt for two killers. And he agrees with her. Neither stops to think about the child's safety, neither suggests an alternative plan that would allow them to keep the child near but away from harm's way. Neither stops to think that maybe this is a good time to step away from the game and let someone else take care of the murdering thieves.

I guess there wouldn't be much of a story if they had done that. Unfortunately it's so badly done that I can't bring myself to skip the illogicalities and finish reading the novel.

I stopped reading at the end of chapter five which is around page 72 of 333 in the ARC I received.

I received an Advanced Readers Copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.
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6.0% "Oh, he's one of those men. Why do women think they're sexy again?"
8.0% "At least the author is trying to make Tess memorable, unlike Puck's lady, what was her name again?"
8.0% "Too stupid to live. When was the last time I added this shelf because of the male protagonist?"
11.0% "What does it mean that I actually prefer the flashback infodumps to actual plot progression?"
16.0% "They match. He's too stupid to live and she's too stupid to live."
20.0% "I have no respect for this woman. Is she even capable of rational thinking?"
21.0% "I'm flouncing."

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