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Destiny by Carly Phillips
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Mar 28, 12

bookshelves: family, romance
Read on March 28, 2012

** spoiler alert ** Setting - small town of Serendipity, New York.

Themes - forgiveness, not holding on to all the control, love


Barron brothers:
Ethan - oldest - wild as a teen, trying to get parent's attention. when in town jail, parents called at 3am, driving to get him, hit and killed by drunk driver, went into service to straighten out his life, leaving 3 brothers.

Nash - middle - when parents died at 16, he was adopted by a rich couple who had lost their son a year earlier when he was in a fight at a teen party, and they spent more time cleaning up than getting him medical help. He felt guilty that the rich couple, who gave him so much, would not also adopt his younger brother. Now a lawyer.

Dare - youngest - he was at the party where the rich kid died, and he ran with the rest of the poor kids, and felt guilty. When the rich parents wanted to adopt him and Nash, he refused because he felt guilty over their son... they still wanted him, but he couldn't and instead went to an overcrowded foster home. He didn't want Nash to know why, and all withheld the truth, wanting to preserve their friendship.

And now Ethan is back - rich ( simulation games for the armed forces), wanting to make amends and be the brother he couldn't be at 18. He's married to the high school good girl who was always fascinated him (and vice versa)... and making headway.

and Nash, not warming up to Ethan, attracted to Kelly, not sure how to connect with his half sister.

Tess - the Barron's half sister - dad fooled around for years with Tess's mother. Tess & Kelly's mother fell apart after the Barron father died - drinking and going from man to man, leaving Kelly to rais Tess as best she could. Her older sister Kelly left her at Ethan's when summer began because she could not handle her - her feelings of abandonement and harmones. Ethan and Faith worked through her reserves, she has started school at a private school that can foster her love of art, and she's doing ok.

Kelly - returned at the end of summer to find a more secure Tess. She decides to move into Serendipity for shared custody of Tess, and gets a job as a paralegal. She is embarrassed by... 2 years earlier, her schoolmate took a position as an escort to pay back her school loans - and when she got sick, Kelly reluctantly stepped in for a night, meeting an older, wealthy man. They hit it off (did not have sex), but a relationship began - he was separated from his wife... But when his wife is pregnant he decides to go back and give it another try. Kelly is hurt, but... comes to realize she didn't love him. But now he's going through a divorce again, and the wife wants to use her & the escort service against him to get more money, making Kelly vulnerable to public embarrassment. She does not want to be like her mother, dependant on a man...

Plot - Kelly and Nash - falling in love, with backdrop of Nash starting to reconcile and understand his older brother's abadonement... and then to deal with the greater issue of Dare, and finding out he and his adopted parents and the lawyer/dad all lied to him about why Dare didn't join him in adoption. and though Kelly finally felt ready to tell him the truth about herself, she couldn't do it while he was dealing with this family drama.

When it comes out, except because her and Tess' mom was making avenues to take custodial care of Tess to impress her rich husband so she had hired a PI to get the dirt on her... nash reacts poorly, but comes to regret it... and gives her the space she needs to do what she needs to, but is there for her after the deposition - telling her he loves her, opening it up for her to admit she loves him. ahhhh


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