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Dolphin Tale by Gabrielle Reyes
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Feb 15, 2012

really liked it
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Read in February, 2012

(I read and reviewed this book for 3rd quarter)

I read the book "Dolphin Tale." I felt that the book was really good. I feel that it delivered the message to never give up on anything. I think that this is a good message because it can mean a lot in many different ways. I think that it was an easy read and it could have been longer, but overall it was a good book. I recommend it to anyone who loves animals and is looking for a quick, easy read.

This book is about a dolphin and a boy named Sawyer. The book is also based on a movie. In the book, Sawyer is a lonely boy looking for a friend. He is on his way to summer school, when he sees some people and a big animal on the beach. Sawyer goes down to the beach to see what is going on. He sees that there is an injured animal. It is a dolphin! When helpers from a nearby marine animal hospital come to get the dolphin, Sawyer goes with them. It seems that the dolphin is only comfortable around Sawyer. Sawyer meets a girl named Hazel. She names the dolphin Winter. She says that "season names" are good luck. So, from then on, the dolphin is know as Winter. Winter's tail got chopped off by a shark trap. She can't sim normally because what is left of her tail is only a stump. Sawyer and the helpers are working with Winter to get her to swim normally. But she is having a hard time. Finally when she can manage with her stump, they realize something else. The way that Winter is moving her stump is interfering with her spine and bone structure. This is a big problem because if her spine gets messed up, she could become paralyzed and not be able to swim at all! So Sawyer comes up with the idea to have someone make winter a plastic tail. They get someone for the job, but when they try to put the tail on Winter, she refuses to keep it on. She keeps trying to tell Sawyer something, but Sawyer doesn't know what. They keep trying and trying but none of the tails work. Later in the book, they are told that someone is buying he hospital and that if they can't get Winter well, they have to give up on her. But Sawyer refuses to give up. They need more money to get the plastic tails and to be able to keep the hospital. Sawyer and Hazel come up with "Save Winter Day." They decide to raise a lot of money and try to keep the hospital open. Sawyer finally figures out that it isn't the plastic tail that is the problem, but it is the sock that Winter has on under the tail. It is very uncomfortable. So they have the person who is making the tail make them another sock too. When "Save Winter Day" comes, they have the new tail and sock, but haven't tried them on yet. They are waiting. They all raise a lot of money throughout the day. Then it comes time to try on the tail and sock. At first, Winter isn't so sure about it. But them se starts moving around and getting used to it. She like it! By the end of the book, they raise a lot of money and prove that they are worthy of keeping the hospital open. The new owner lets them stay!

I can connect to this book because I read another book called "Thunder from the Sea." This book is about people who are out sailing when a storm comes in. Then, floating in the water, they see a dog! It is just swimming. So they go over to him and put him in the boat. Then they get him all better. That is like "Dolphin Tale," because in both books an animal is saved. I think that if I were Sawyer , I would have gone down to the beach and helped too.

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