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Trafficked by Kim Purcell
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Feb 17, 2012

really liked it
Read from February 15 to 17, 2012

Hannah is a 17-year-old Moldovan girl. She's coming to the US to work as a nanny for a family with two young children and will make $400 a week, plus room and board. It sounds like a pretty sweet set-up, right? Except it's not true. Well, she's a nanny and she gets room and board. But she's also forced to work for free (to pay off the debt of getting her into the country) and told that if she leaves the house or talks to anyone without permission, she'll be deported or thrown in jail. Later, she's told that if she tries to escape, her family and friends back home will be hurt or killed.

This book is seriously horrifying. It's scary to think of how easily this could happen. Everyone wants a better life, and the idea of $400 a week, tax-free, and no expenses...well, I can see how that'd be very hard to turn down. And it also makes sense why she wouldn't try to escape once she realized the truth. First, the abuse escalates very slowly, so it's not like it was a nightmare situation from the onset. Also, the worry that something could happen to her family or friends is a hard thing to walk away from.

It's also scary to see just how few options Hannah has. Because she's not allowed to leave the house most of the time, she has no idea where anything is or even how or where to go for help. (Even besides the fact that she's been told that she'll be thrown in jail if she tries.)

This is one of those books that will stay with me and Hannah is an unforgettable character.

Highly recommended.

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