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Batman, Vol. 1 by Scott Snyder
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May 12, 2012

it was amazing
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Read in March, 2012

Just finished the seventh issue (last that will be included in this TPB), and I am floored. Scott Snyder has been knocking it out of the park consistently for the past six months, scraping away at what might be one of the greatest Batman epics of all time. Considering he just amazed everyone last year with his Black Mirror storyline, it's easy to see why Snyder is easily considered one of the best (and my favorite) writers in the industry right now.

I feel the need to mention issue 5 of this in particular, which is seriously the single greatest comic issue I've ever read. Praise like that does not come lightly, I assure you. If you're a fan of Batman, either hardcore reader or just a fan of Year One, Dark Knight Returns, The Long Halloween, or Killing Joke, get in on this series now. It's a classic in the making.

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Anthony I think you might find the first volume is 1-7.

Hayden Fuck! Ill have to take the review down till next month, haha.

Anthony I mean I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure 7 is the last issue of volume 1.

Hayden I assumed this one ended with 6 because Animal Man vol 1 does. You could be right though. Ill look it up when I get home.

Anthony Each title is different. Action Comics ends at issue 8.

Hayden That's frustrating. I wish they'd wait and just release each arc as a trade instead of doing it like that. Court of Owls is gonna end at #11, so that means its gonna be split in two. Then I'm sure they'll release ANOTHER trade with all 11 in one. I love DC, but they're pressing too hard for money with that.

Hayden Alright I'm confused. I went to DC's website, and they said it's issues 1-6, but I went to Comicsalliance, and they said it's 1-7.

Pranay Hi Hayden, the trade is out and it contains 1-7. M in two minds as to buying it now or to wait for the entire arc which may come out god knows when? Have loved Scott's writing so am tempted to buy this one now.

Hayden Alright, I just changed my review to include issue seven. The arc hasn't finished yet, #9 actually came out last Wednesday. I think the final issue comes out in mid-July. I mean, I'd be willing to bet we won't see a trade with the full arc until November at the earliest, they're going to want this first volume to ride on the success of The Dark Knight Rises this summer.

I'd probably recommend waiting for the full arc, just so you don't read half now, then wait months to finish it.

Pranay Thanks for the recommendation hayden, I will try and see how long i can control the urge to not buy it (getting such great reviews for the arc...yours included where you quote issue 5 to be the best "single greatest comic issue I've ever read".)

Hayden Yeah, #5 blew me away, I didn't expect it at all. Hopefully they won't take too long to release the full arc, I know Snyder did 'The Black Mirror' last year which ended in August, and the full trade was out by Thanksgiving.

Anthony I bought the single issues, but I think I'm also going to double dip and buy the hardcover. That's a testament to how good it is, because I'm not usually one for double dipping. Also, I'm going to a comic convention at the weekend and Scott Snyder will be there, so I can get it signed.

Hayden I'll probably buy the hardcover of the full arc, I don't wanna buy it divided up like this though. And damn you're lucky! I really want to meet him, no big comic convention ever comes to my area though.

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