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The Gamble by Kristen Ashley
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Aug 20, 2014

it was amazing
bookshelves: alpha-males, contemporary, rocked-my-world, made-me-cry, 2011-favorites, chick-lit, romantic-suspense

** spoiler alert ** This is one of my favorite KA books... definitely a very good story.I haven't read "Luck Lady" yet but "The Gamble" is still my favorite book in the Colorado Mountain series. I mean, Sweet Dreams was also beautiful, but i think this one is more emotional.I lot of times i felt tears droping my face. There are a few moments in this book that you really feel your lungs stoping breathing.
The main characters?! What can i say?! I loved Nina, i really did. I mean, I love when KA heroines are strong women. And like KA loves to describes, Nina is not a survivor, this one is a fighter. She fights for what she wants, for what she thinks it's the right things. And she don't do it just for her, she does that for everyone she cares about. But she's also very much sweet. That kind of woman that everybody would like to have as a friend. And in all that she's also a very lonely person, with a broken and fragile heart. She had been through a lot, so she's pretty much careful with her heart. And suddenly she met Max and he shaked her world completely. There were two things that i loved the most about Nina, first like i said is that she's strong, if she need to throw attitude, she does it. And the second and the most important thing is that i could really relate myself with her. I know this because i could really feel this story because her actions were pretty much what i would have done if i was her, so i felt all that more deep. So a book became more important to me when this things happens. My heart broke for her, specially with how she felt about Anna. Her fear that she wasn't enough or that she also deserved to be somebody else's world like Anna and Max were for each other.
Like in all Kristen Ashley books this characters are more older, so they have a baggage. And Max's baggage wasn't little. What it's great about KA books is that in her kind of way she tells realistic storys. I mean, is not always that you end up with your first love for the rest of your life (actually this is rate). Or like sometimes you can love very deeply more than one person in your life, or when you catch your self thinking that you weren't the only love life of somebody else. So that's wthat this story is about. Also how to deal with lost, how to let yourself go and embrace life, how to learn to be brave and strong, how to love yourself... anyway. And also in the middle of all this a mystery murder case that envolves a little town.
Max?! well his is not so much an alpha male like Tate, but he is and a very good one. I just din'd like his past, i mean not his past exaclly but how deep everything was. And i wish Nina could have meant more for him, i think she needed to know she was somebody else's world. That meant a lot to her. But besides this, i loved him very much. He's all that. An amazing KA alpha male. ;)

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